Week 7

This week we mainly focused on the design of the project this week. Additionally this week I was tasked with finding code details specifically on linking from Shopify to ATF with the farmers products. This week we also took the time to review a document from a team working on a blockchain project for tracking wine batches. From what I understand about wine and blockchain it seems like a good overall idea, especially for rare wine, and enthusiasts. For the design details I took time this week to look in to Shopify question boards, manual, and other documentation for finding what we may need to achieve the linking task. Unfortunately from what I have found this week we will need to create our own linking for this type of product list, under the farmers profile on the ATF site, or either have the farmer embed their products with Shopify’s help. This is because the access provided by Shopify focuses on the individual consumer, since it is their produce data, and that for the most part remains the data provided for an individual, such as a farmer. This week we also worked on our design, we were each asked to ask questions to expand on what we had previously wrote, and I decided to focus on the parts of the project that concerns code, such as with theme restrictions. This lead me to think about the design over all, such as what types of colors will be selected. It was also very interesting to read the design of the other group. I remember reading about their project, and I am excited to see what the final product will be. Their design document gave me insights to such things as the types of software systems that they would be using for parts such as the blockchain part, and it helped me conceptualize what we still need for our project.

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