Week 6: Design Time!

This week went well as it started with our morning meeting where we discussed the scope of our project from what we gathered last week. Each member presented their findings, sometimes screen sharing for better understanding, and this was used for discussion topics such as the project’s theme design. I returned what I gathered from my previously designated API type topic for listing products on the All The Farms website. Overall the information affirmed that what we had in mind was mostly achievable, and this week we have focused more on how that might be done in code. Specifically I focused on the API code and how we may integrate our code with the All The Farms website looking at things such as Shopify developer documentation on what we agreed would be a possible implementation. I did find this code which could be used to create a product list on our hosted site below the farmer’s profile page. The previous week we corresponded with the technical lead on it and agreed that there may be a route that is similar to what I found linked in the Shopify developer documents as an embed product container, with a few customization options for the farmer on the Shopify end. This can just serve as the groundwork for how we may work with Shopify and their API as there may be a more efficient solution that the way I was describing, such as where the farmer would have to embed that code themselves on the All The Farms website. This way I have been able to describe is one way that I imagine All The Farms would be able to present a product of a farmer on their All The Farms profile page with a buy button, and option such as for a description. The access to all of the API data may just be limited, or there may be more that I have yet to uncover which may help open up our options for making the most value for our farmers.

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