4th Log of the term: Sprints

From the previous meeting we have made progress on the API question, there was a response from the Shopify team pointing to their documentation, and I took some time to read on it for the answer. It was very informative, and after reading I responded from what I read about for how may implement the api in the future. The documentation discussed the OAuth API usage, so I went to read more on that, and after some additional research on what API access would be provided with OAuth it seemed like the answer for what we need. For my question on what type of API access will we need to pull product information from other store to display on our site it seems we need to use OAuth with a public application for Shopify. This is what I concluded we would need to move forward with presenting products from an individuals store to be viewed on our store, we can still work with our secondary option for listing products from another store, and we for now will leave this feature to later to deal with by replacing it with a link to their Shopify website.

This week we all swapped roles again and for this spring up until the code alpha presentation I will be the product owner. Being the product owner I am tasked with tasks such as consider the product from the owners perspective. Specifically this week I am tasked with creating a design for the product page with the lucid charts service for our liquid theme. This will be the layout for the theme template, and will be implemented next. One thing to consider is that we have section files now for sections such as the header and footer. When a section is placed, the contents of the section file are placed there, and we should use those sections appropriately for the product page to be efficient.

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