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Service Desk Digest 8/11/2017

Collect Computer Information

When helping a CN customer, ALWAYS record the computer name, inventory ID or serial number in the ticket.

While we’re at it: always ask who the customer is, too, like this:

  • Tech: “IS Service Desk, this is <name>. How may I help you?”
  • <Listen to user request>
  • Tech: “Okay, before we get started can I get your OSU ID or name?”

(See Call Processing Workflow.)

If we don’t know who the customer is or what device they are using, it’s hard to help them properly.

Box Update

OSU has standardized on Box as the official cloud storage and collaboration platform. Over the coming months, we will be working on updating the IS web site, documentation, and apps we install on CN builds to reflect this change. If customers ask whether they should use Google Drive or Box, please advise them that Box is the preferred platform.

As a step in that direction, Client Services will be standardizing on Box as our storage and collaboration platform. You should all have received an invite today for a box folder called “ISCS All” – please let Kirsten know if you did not.

Coming Soon: Duo

Duo is multi-factor authentication that will soon be available to all OSU employees, including student employees. We will be promoting Duo during our fall engagements at University Day and other events.

The Service Desk will provide tier 1 support for Duo. For more information, see the Duo Service InfoSheet.

Coming Soon: Localist

Localist is a tool being implemented soon to replace the OSU event calendar located at calendar.oregonstate.edu. Users of the current system were contacted today about this upcoming change. If you get questions about Localist, please make a ticket and assign to Jill Swenson.

HelpDocs Moving to TD KB

Some time before fall term starts the HelpDocs customer-facing documentation site will be moved to the TeamDynamix Knowledge Base. This project is still in the planning phase.

What’s in it for you? After this change, all of our documentation – internal and customer-facing – will be in one place. I am aware that there are serious problems with the way that the search works in TeamDynamix. Part of the project involves addressing that issue, and I will post more about that later.

Status of macOS High Sierra

High Sierra has been added to our OS Life Cycle page, and an announcement is going out shortly to the CN-Announcements list about it. High Sierra is in preview, and while we are not recommending it for CN customers at this time, we will do our best to help them if they need to install it for some reason. We will fully support it for CN customers when it is released for general use in the fall.

Register Docking Stations for Wired Network

Please remember to register docking stations for the wired network. If we miss that step, customers will be connecting to the wireless network without realizing it and may have unpredictable results.

In Other News…

In case you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to work at CERN (and I mean, really, who hasn’t?) here you go:


Happy Friday, everybody!

Changes to TD Forms


I have made some major changes to the “CN Build/Rebuild” form, hopefully for the better. I have removed some fields we do not use, and have re-ordered fields to make processing tickets faster.

I am also making similar changes to the other CN TD forms. For the most part, I will be moving “Status” to the top of all of our forms to make it easier to change status on a ticket.

Please contact me with any questions or issues.

More on TeamDynamix Statuses

Set tickets to “Open” before on-hold

When setting a ticket to any “on-hold” status, please first set the ticket to “Open” first, save it, and then set it to the on-hold status.

On-hold statuses are those that ask for a “goes off hold” date and time and include the following:

  • Waiting for customer response
  • Escalated – Internal
  • Appointment
  • Scheduled follow-up
  • On-hold – External to TD

When a ticket comes off hold, it reverts to its previous status, which is why we want the previous status to be “Open”. If the previous status was “In Process” or “Closed” the ticket could be missed.


“Waiting for Customer Response” versus “Scheduled Follow-up”

If we are planning to follow up with a customer, please use “Scheduled follow-up” status instead of “waiting for customer response.” For example, if we are waiting for an employee’s last day of work to close out their account, set the ticket status to “Scheduled follow-up” for the day and time the work needs to happen. This is basically like an appointment for us.

If we are in fact waiting for the customer to get back to us, “Waiting for customer response” is an appropriate status. Please don’t set these out way in the future for situations that are likely urgent. For example, if a VIP can’t login, we should be making every effort to get a hold of that person, and not setting a ticket to “Waiting for customer response” for several days out.

Remember, we should try to contact customers via different methods, such as:

  • Email the customer’s primary address
  • Email the customer’s alternate address (if they cannot access their primary address/account)
  • Call the customer on their office number
  • Call the customer on their alternate number (if appropriate)
  • Call the department LRP
  • Call the customer’s assistant (if applicable)
  • Always leave a voice message, and document the ways you tried to contact the customer in the ticket.

What about “Follow-up with customer – automatic”?

This status works like the old “Callback – auto” status in Coho. We use it when we are pretty sure the issue is resolved – e.g. the customer asked a straight-forward question and we answered it – but we are not completely sure. When the off-hold date/time comes up, TeamDynamix will send a notice to the customer saying “we think this is resolved or we are waiting for more information” and then sets the ticket to “Closed – Survey”.

If you and the customer have already established that a ticket is done, please just set it to “Closed – Survey”.


Computer or Device Name

I forgot to mention one important change I made to our TeamDynamix forms recently.

The “Computer/Device Name” field is now required on the following forms:

  • CN Build/Rebuild
  • CN Customer Move
  • CN Device Support
  • CN Malware Response
  • CN Printer Support

These forms will not allow you to save them without entering something in the device name field. If you really can’t get it for some reason, enter “unknown”. You can also specify “multiple” or “does not apply” as appropriate. Computer/Device Name is not required on the Application/Software Support form, but you should still collect it if you can.

The CN Inventory ID or serial # field is not required, but please do enter it if you have it.

Why Collect Device Name?

Knowing which computer a ticket is about is critical to any sort of follow-up on a ticket. Technicians sent to an on-site appointment may end up wondering “which computer?” when they arrive if that information was not collected in the ticket.

Also, with a device name, we can look the machine up in our ticketing system to see if it has had previous issues. We can look up its warranty information. We can look for it in SCCM or Casper and see what software is installed. A lot of diagnostics information is accessible if we know which device the ticket is about.

Please note: we only need to collect device information for CN-supported devices, not personal devices.


TeamDynamix Forms

How Forms Work in TD

Forms are a feature that was introduced after we implemented TeamDynamix at the Service Desk. As such, we are still working out all the details, but here are a few quick things you should know.

  • On new ticket creation, select the correct form and the corresponding ticket type will be set for you.
  • Forms determine what custom attributes are visible. For example, if you choose “Application/software support”, the “Applications name(s)” attribute will be displayed. If you choose a CN form, the “Computer/device name” attribute will be displayed.
  • Once a form has been selected, changing the form will NOT update the ticket type. If you need to change the form, please update the ticket type as well.

Forms We Use

The main forms we use at the Service Desk are as follows:

  • Account issue (locked out, password changes, etc.)
  • Application/software support  <- Most popular!
  • Campus Labs
  • CN Accounts
  • CN Build/Rebuild
  • CN Customer Move
  • CN Device Support
  • CN Malware Response
  • CN Printer Support
  • CN Recommendation/Purchase
  • CN Surplus
  • Compromised Account
  • Email Support
  • General/Other/uncategorized  <- Not sure? Use this one.
  • Network Support
  • Personal Device Support  <- Main one used at Walkup
  • Referral
  • Spam/Phishing

Please note that you should only use a CN form for CN-related requests. For example, if a customer calls for help with their home printer, use “Personal Device Support” and NOT “CN Printer Support.”

Ways to Create a Ticket

From RefTool:

  1. Look up a user. Click on them. Near the upper right, click on “Create Ticket (IT)”. Choose “Service Request”.
  2. In TD, select the correct form from the drop-down at the top of the page. (Do this before filling in any fields.)
  3. Fill in all required fields.
  4. Click Save.

From TeamDynamix:

  1. Click on the “IT” tab. (If you don’t see the “IT” tab, click on the application waffle in the upper-left, and choose the IT button.)
  2. Click on “+ Service Request Form”
  3. Select the correct form from the drop-down at the top of the page. (Do this before filling in any fields.)
  4. Fill in all required fields.
  5. Click Save.



TeamDynamix Ticket Closure and Surveys

TeamDynamix Ticket Closure and Surveys

What Status to Use

When closing a ticket, you should almost always set the status to “Closed-Survey“.

Please do not use “Cancelled” – that status is set when the requestor withdraws their own request (for example, if they resolved the issue before we responded).

Note that the “Closed” status does NOT send a survey. We set this status for things like junk mail, system-generated notices, and any ticket without a valid requestor (e.g. voice mails in some cases, and phone@log entries). You should not be using the “Closed” status very often.

You can use the “Referred” status for calls that result in an immediate referral, such as to the Registrar or Admissions. Please don’t use it in cases where we have worked with the customer and then escalated their request to another IS team.

Long story short: if you spent any amount of time working with a customer, set the ticket status to “Closed-Survey” when finished so they have an opportunity to submit a survey.

How TD Surveys Work

Surveys are sent 100% of the time when a ticket is put in the “Closed-Survey” status. The survey is sent only to the requestor. A single requestor will not receive a survey request more often than once/week. Customers are welcome to provide feedback directly to any of the ISCS Managers if they have concerns with the survey process, or have not received a survey link.

Service Desk Digest – 5/24/2017

TeamDynamix Knowledge Base

We will be making some changes soon to the KB permissions on the technician security role to allow teams outside of the Service Desk to have view-only access.

Service Desk technicians will NOT have the ability to edit articles at this time, but can provide feedback on articles by clicking “Yes” or “No” next to “Was this helpful?” and entering a comment. I will be reviewing feedback comments daily.

Some of you are frequent contributors and editors in the KB; I will be following up with you in person soon about these changes.

TeamDynamix “MyWork” Removal

For Service Desk employees, the MyWork application in TeamDynamix will be removed soon. We may add this application back at a later date, but at this time it is preferred that you use either the “IT” application or a Desktop to view tickets.

We did not train on the MyWork application, and there has been some confusion about how it works. If you were using MyWork, please talk to Kirsten.

Using Box to Backup User Data

Steve Fowler has added an FAQ item with some recommendations on using Box as a backup tool for personal files.

http://box.oregonstate.edu/support-box-faq – See “Is Box a Backup Solution?”

When customers bring their devices to the Walkup for repair or reinstall, we should first help them get their data in a safe place, and Box is a good option. Please remind students that their access to Box goes away when they leave the university and their ONID account is removed.

CN customers may also use Box to store files they would normally have placed on their computer or on their P: drive. (Box is not a replacement for the P: drive; it is an additional service that they may use and is preferred to local-only storage.)

The Box FAQ also covers file size limits and security restrictions.

New Knowledge Base Articles

New technician articles added to TeamDynamix:

New customer articles added to Community Network Tech Tips:


NOC moving into TD

The NOC (aka Network Engineering) team are moving into TeamDynamix today for all ticketing.

NOC will not be taking requests via email anymore. DCAs should submit requests via the web form here: http://is.oregonstate.edu/net/webform/dcait-pro-contact-noc

If a DCA calls the Service Desk with a request for NOC, we can make a ticket by using one of the TD templates for “DCA/IT Pro Contact NOC”. The ticket will automatically be assigned to the “Network Operations (NOC)” group.

For tickets from end-users that need to be escalated to NOC, please leave responsible assigned to the Service Desk or a Service Desk technician, and create a task assigned to “Network Operations (NOC)”. The Service Desk are tier 1 for NOC.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Note: this information will be added to the ticket processing section of the Service Desk process guide in ITKnows soon.

Service Desk Digest 3/14/2017

Ticket Status Changes – Use “Closed-Survey”

Please read Lucas’ post on recent changes to ticket statuses in TeamDynamix. With this change, the standard status for ticket closure is now “Closed – Survey”. If you use “Closed” the requestor will explicitly NOT be surveyed. We chose this wording to avoid confusion for customers.

Reminder: when closing a ticket, please make sure that the customer knows the issue is being closed. If you are not sure, update the ticket and notify the customer to say you are closing the ticket as resolved. Then set the status to “Closed – Survey”.

ITKnows Moving to TeamDynamix KB

We are starting to move articles from ITKnows to the TeamDynamix Knowledge Base. I have met with several techs to walk through the TD KB, and feedback has been largely positive.

The ITKnows articles will be updated with a note indicating they have been moved and a link to the new article location. Everyone should have access to the TD KB – please let me know if you do not.

How to use the KB:

  • To access the KB, go to the TD login page, select the Client portal, then click on “Knowledge Base”.
  • You can also access the KB from within the TDNext portal. Click on the application waffle and choose “Knowledge Base”.
  • Please read the following for more information about writing articles, submitting articles, categories and templates: How to Write a KB Article

Some things to note about TD’s KB:

  • We will be able to keep all of our internal documentation and customer-facing documentation in one place.
  • Articles have ID numbers which are included in the URL.
  • We can assign article owners and set reminders to review content.
  • You can only search for published articles in the search box at the top. To find unpublished articles, Click on “Articles Pending Review”.

I will prepare a short training document on the TD KB soon. If you have any questions, please let me know.

Banner Browser Compatibility

Banner INB does not work with Firefox Rapid Release (52) or newer. We can help customers install Firefox ESR, or encourage them to use Internet Explorer or Safari.

The following information has been added to the Banner InfoSheet:

  • Recommended: The vendor recommends using the latest versions of either Internet Explorer or Safari.
  • Notes for Firefox:
    • Firefox ESR 52 (x86) should work until about 3/5/2018.
    • Firefox Rapid Release (52) and newer do NOT support NPAPI plug-ins and will not work.
    • Firefox (x64) does not support NPAPI plug-ins and will not work.
  • Chrome does NOT work.
  • Edge does NOT work.

Ricoh Pop-up Drivers

We have had a couple of departments contact us today needing to set up the pop-up drivers for new Ricoh copier/scanners. This enables the end-user to enter a code that is used for billing purposes.

See \\is-cifs\Utilities\Ricoh\Ricoh_PCL6_Universal_Popup\ for the latest version of the popup driver.

For more information, please see ticket 2796818.


Service Desk Digest 2/9/2017

Refrigerator Cleanup

The small refrigerator in Milne 213 has been moved to the field area (Northwest corner of the room) and will be re-purposed as a soda fridge starting next week.

Sodas will be available to purchase for 50 cents and energy drinks for $2. The proceeds will be used to buy more sodas and to save up some money for future food-related goodness (e.g. pizza parties).

Please remove any food or containers you have in this fridge before Friday, 2/10 at 5PM. At that time, anything left in the fridge will be thrown away.

You may use the fridge in the staff room downstairs next to the elevator. Starting next week, the room will be unlocked from 8AM to 5PM. To access the room before then, ask Max or Kirsten for a key.

JSB Site Visits

Some of us will be spending some mornings (8am-11am) out at JSB for the next couple of months. The goal is to do a better job of sharing information between Client Services and Infrastructure and Net/Telecom teams. The schedule for the next few weeks is as follows. If you have items you would like brought up with folks out at JSB, let us know.

Feb 13-Feb 17 Kirsten
Feb 20-Feb 24 Kirsten
Feb 27-Mar 3 Richard
Mar 6-Mar 10 Chris
Mar 13-Mar 17 Lucas
Mar 20-Mar 24 Max
Mar 27-Mar 31 Kirsten
Apr 3-Apr 7 Chris
Apr 10-Apr 14 Lucas
Apr 17-Apr 21 Richard

Reminder about Legacy ONID Email

Reminder: the legacy ONID mail system (Cyrus, ONID Webmail) is still a production system being maintained by Identity & Infrastructure. While it is generally recommended that people use Gmail or Exchange instead of Cyrus, please do not refer to this system as defunct or out-of-date, as that may give the incorrect impression that it is not secure or reliable. It is okay to refer to the system as the “Legacy ONID email system”.

Reminder to Set Ticket Type

I am still seeing a lot of tickets closed in TD with their type set to “intake”. Please remember to always set an appropriate ticket type. You can click on the magnifying glass next to ticket type to see more information about what each type means.

IS Food Drive 2017

There is a box next to the water cooler for collecting nonperishable food donations for the food drive.

If you would like to donate items for the silent auction, please bring those to Chris Sinnett by the end of the day Friday, February 10.