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Verifying Identity for Duo Bypass Codes

Please do not ask customers to send us a picture of their ID.

The following methods can be used to verify someone’s identify when issuing a bypass code.

Options for verification (not a complete list, and subject to change pending better options):

  • Preferred option: In person. Ask the customer if they can come to Milne 201 and show us their OSU ID or other government issued ID. If they cannot, try one of the other options below.
  • Webex: Ask to do a WebEx session and have the person show you their ID over WebEx. There is no need to store an image from the video session. Simply have them show you their ID and compare it to their face as you would in person.
  • For CN customers: Visit the person in their office and have them show you their ID.
  • Other valid options:
    • You know the person and they are standing in front of you.
    • You know the person calling, they are calling from their number and you recognize their voice.
  • If we cannot verify the person’s identity: make a ticket and add a task assigned to IAM. Let the customer know IAM will get back to them Monday-Friday 8AM-5PM.

Please note: someone telling you their OSU ID number is not sufficient to verify their identity (the information is too easy to find). Be suspicious of anyone readily volunteering information you didn’t ask for, and be suspicious of anyone trying to do an ONID password change and duo bypass at the same time.


Service Desk Digest 2/13/2018

SupportRemote Account Missing on Windows 10 1703 Machines

It appears that Microsoft has made a security change that broke the process we were using to push the local SupportRemote account to Windows computers. The local Support account is still showing up on new computers because it is built into the base image. Note: do not give the Support password to customers.

I have put in a request to the Endpoint team to include SupportRemote in the base image in order to address this issue. (Ticket: 4959306)

Related: Ben and I followed up again recently on the request to get the AD schema change in place to allow us to test LAPS for Windows local account management. The decision about making that change is still pending creation of an AD committee to review the change. (Ticket: 2456940)

Driver Updates and “Dell Command | Update”

It was brought to my attention recently that our build process does not tell the technician to apply all driver updates. It was my assumption that we were already doing this, but in some cases we clearly have not been.

Going forward, I would like to see all driver updates applied as part of the build/rebuild process. Our documentation and BuildTracker steps will be updated to reflect this change.

When building Dell computers, please install the Dell Command | Update utility and apply all critical and recommended driver updates. This software can also be used when doing phone support to help address potential driver issues. (Please remove the software after applying driver updates so that it doesn’t pop-up confusing reminders to the customer.)

In the future we may include the Dell Command | Update utility in the CN image and/or push driver updates via SCCM. For now, this is a good tool for you to know about.

Duo Hardware Tokens Now Available

Customers may now buy hardware tokens for Duo at the OSU Beaver Store. A self-registration site will be launched this Thursday.

Documentation about the hardware tokens can be found here:

Organizational Charts for Infrastructure & Operations Teams

There have been some recent changes to Infrastructure and Operations teams. A new formal Endpoint team has been formed and reports to Brandon Wells. The Server Support team has been absorbed into the Infrastructure team, which also handles requests related to shared infrastructure (formerly “SIG”); a recruitment is underway for a new manager. Steve Fowler is now managing the Telecom team, but is still a point-of-contact for Box support (along with Gaylon DeGeer).

Please see the Organizational Charts folder in our team Box site for details.

These changes are being made in TeamDynamix as well, and our documentation will be updated shortly.

Reminder about Build Check-off Process

There was some recent confusion about the computer build check-off. Please note that are still doing a check-off process; the steps are clearly listed in BuildTracker. What changed recently is that anyone who has been trained on builds can now do the check-off, and you can complete the check-off for a computer you built. There is no need for a second technician or a specific person to do the check-off.

Please let me know if you have any questions about this.

Change to TeamDynamix Feed

In a recent update, TD changed the way replies to technician updates on a ticket are displayed. You will notice that if a customer replies twice to the same technician update, the technician update will be listed twice in the feed, with the customer replies listed separately. This keeps the comments in chronological order.

Operators Documentation

As you know, the OSU Operator service moved from Telecom to Client Services at the start of this term. I have started documenting relevant process in the KB: Operator Documentation

ID Badge Reminder

Please wear your ID badges at all times when you are on-shift. This is particularly important when visiting customers in their office, but is important in our office locations as well.

As we move to our new office layout, we will have customers visiting us in all of our work areas. ID badges will help customers readily identify who our employees are so they feel confident when asking for help.

Duo is Live

Duo is live, and the IS Service Desk is the first point of contact for support.

So, if you have missed the memo up to now, please familiarize yourself by reading the following:

  • Duo Infosheet – search for #duo in the TDx KB to find it
    • Please read the section about issuing bypass codes, which is probably the most common request we will receive.
  • Duo website – includes sign-up link and FAQ

All Service Desk employees are members of a Grouper group granting access to the Duo Admin tool to issue bypass codes. The link to the bypass code tool is in the InfoSheet above.

Service Desk Digest 8/11/2017

Collect Computer Information

When helping a CN customer, ALWAYS record the computer name, inventory ID or serial number in the ticket.

While we’re at it: always ask who the customer is, too, like this:

  • Tech: “IS Service Desk, this is <name>. How may I help you?”
  • <Listen to user request>
  • Tech: “Okay, before we get started can I get your OSU ID or name?”

(See Call Processing Workflow.)

If we don’t know who the customer is or what device they are using, it’s hard to help them properly.

Box Update

OSU has standardized on Box as the official cloud storage and collaboration platform. Over the coming months, we will be working on updating the IS web site, documentation, and apps we install on CN builds to reflect this change. If customers ask whether they should use Google Drive or Box, please advise them that Box is the preferred platform.

As a step in that direction, Client Services will be standardizing on Box as our storage and collaboration platform. You should all have received an invite today for a box folder called “ISCS All” – please let Kirsten know if you did not.

Coming Soon: Duo

Duo is multi-factor authentication that will soon be available to all OSU employees, including student employees. We will be promoting Duo during our fall engagements at University Day and other events.

The Service Desk will provide tier 1 support for Duo. For more information, see the Duo Service InfoSheet.

Coming Soon: Localist

Localist is a tool being implemented soon to replace the OSU event calendar located at calendar.oregonstate.edu. Users of the current system were contacted today about this upcoming change. If you get questions about Localist, please make a ticket and assign to Jill Swenson.

HelpDocs Moving to TD KB

Some time before fall term starts the HelpDocs customer-facing documentation site will be moved to the TeamDynamix Knowledge Base. This project is still in the planning phase.

What’s in it for you? After this change, all of our documentation – internal and customer-facing – will be in one place. I am aware that there are serious problems with the way that the search works in TeamDynamix. Part of the project involves addressing that issue, and I will post more about that later.

Status of macOS High Sierra

High Sierra has been added to our OS Life Cycle page, and an announcement is going out shortly to the CN-Announcements list about it. High Sierra is in preview, and while we are not recommending it for CN customers at this time, we will do our best to help them if they need to install it for some reason. We will fully support it for CN customers when it is released for general use in the fall.

Register Docking Stations for Wired Network

Please remember to register docking stations for the wired network. If we miss that step, customers will be connecting to the wireless network without realizing it and may have unpredictable results.

In Other News…

In case you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to work at CERN (and I mean, really, who hasn’t?) here you go:


Happy Friday, everybody!