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TeamDynamix Email Service Upgrade

In preparation for the impending launch of TeamDynamix v10.0 this Saturday morning, we will be upgrading the service that processes emails and creates tickets from them.

This upgrade will occur today, Oct. 20th at 5pm. Expected downtime is less than 10 minutes. During this window, incoming email will not be processed and tickets will not be created. After the upgrade is complete, emails should resume processing as usual.

Thank you for your patience as we get this resolved.

New MDT Service for the Bench

The Bench will be moving over to our new MDT server this Monday, April 12, 2015. While we at the Bench are very excited, there might be short periods where we will be unable to perform builds as we work out the kinks. Jim Galloway will be camping down here to help us with getting the bugs worked out.

Since we may experience outages and delays, please do not take on any RUSH jobs. If a job is a rush, please be very clear that we will do our best, but cannot make any guarantees as to the turn-around time.

This Friday we will be building many loaners to have on hand if the need arises and we are down.

Limited Operations at Bench on 2/26 – Update

Telecom will be rewiring the network jacks on February 26, 2015.

During this time the Bench will be at limited to no functionality.

I will add to this post when I have more information.


We will have some functionality that day, but it will be limited.

What we can do:

Windows 7 Deployments from Ballard Hall

What we cannot do that day:


  • Win 8 Deployments
  • Mac Deployments
  • Everything else

I do not expect to be down for the entirety of the day, but I cannot make any guarantees. I fully expect to be back up and completely functional by the next day.

Additionally, we will have loaners prepped and ready for that day if the need arises for them.

I will be at the Bench all day while a few students will be placed over at Ballard Hall to help keep processes moving along. The rest of the Bench students will be visiting other functional areas that day for cross training. Arrangements for this are in progress and will be communicated once finalized.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


Emergency Maintenance on OSU_Secure wireless network

Information Services performed emergency maintenance on the OSU_Secure wireless network at 6 AM this morning (Feb. 11th). After the maintenance, Mac and PC laptops should present a warning notification that the security certificate has changed. This is expected behavior; please click through the notification and you should not be presented with the warning again.  If you do receive multiple requests to accept the certificate, please temporarily switch to OSU_Access and let us know.

We do not believe that Smartphones will present a warning based on the testing we have done, but we have not been able to test all platforms and operating systems.