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Build-Tracker Changes


Some minor improvements and changes have been made to Build-Tracker. These changes will go live Friday morning (2/2/18).

Person Interviewed Field:

Interviews will now include a “Person Interviewed” field for situations where the person interviewed is not the customer who will  be using the machine. A checkbox has been provided to autofill this information in the event that the person interviewed is the customer.


Improved Ticket Updates:

Build steps that prompt to update the ticket will now autopopulate information where applicable. In particular, the “Checkoff Complete” template triggered by the last step in the build has been revamped to display much more information without requiring a manual ticket update. (Note: Tickets will still need to be updated from TDx for placement scheduling, etc.)


Inactive Interviews:

Interviews with a completed build will now automatically be marked as inactive and won’t display in the interview list unless the “Show Inactive” switch is enabled.

Reftool ticket button changes


An update will be pushed to Reftool tonight that changes the way ticket creation buttons are displayed. Previously, all service requests were grouped under a button labeled as “New Ticket (IT)”. This button has been changed to say “Service Requests”, with additional buttons for “Major Problem (Outage)” and “Incident”.

Additionally, a count of users non-closed tickets will be displayed to the left of the Ticket History button and will link to the TD Tickets panel (located at the bottom of the page). Note that the counter may momentarily display “0” as the users tickets are retrieved from the TeamDynamix API.

Retiring Template Hub

Template Hub and the Reftool Template Editor will be retired on Wednesday, December 27th. While most templates have been moved to TeamDynamix, there may be a few that still need to be moved over. Please ensure that all necessary templates are moved over prior to the retirement date. Additionally, please remove the Template Hub browser extension, as it will cease to function after this date.

Thank you!

TeamDynamix Email Service Upgrade

In preparation for the impending launch of TeamDynamix v10.0 this Saturday morning, we will be upgrading the service that processes emails and creates tickets from them.

This upgrade will occur today, Oct. 20th at 5pm. Expected downtime is less than 10 minutes. During this window, incoming email will not be processed and tickets will not be created. After the upgrade is complete, emails should resume processing as usual.

Thank you for your patience as we get this resolved.

[Reftool] New feature – Mail relay mappings

Reftool now allows for searching a variety of mail relay mapping files. This feature replaces a similar function that used to be part of tools.nws, and should make troubleshooting a bit easier in situations where a mailbox is receiving email sent to an address that Exchange/etc. doesn’t indicate it should be sent to.

To search the relay mappings, change the search type to “Mail Routing” and enter an email address or partial email address (e.g.,

The returned results will indicate which relay mapping file they are found in as well as a short description for each file.


Mail Routing Results


Relay Mapping Files:

relay-recipients-exchange: Addresses that get sent to Exchange “as-is”.

relay-recipients-onid: ONID addresses generated from the Banner ONID account feed Google virtual user mappings

virtualusers.orst: Static mappings Mappings to Exchange that are translated to a relay address

virtualusers.lifetime: Lifetime aliases

virtualusers.other: Various other aliases

Recent Reftool2 Updates

Reftool2 has recently received a handful of updates and bugfixes!

Here are some highlights:


  • Added labels to indicate what status colour-coding means.


  • Added changelog.
  • Updated ONID password expiration formatting to match non-ONID accounts.


  • Fixed auth conflicts between Reftool, Build-Tracker, and Walkup Forms! These services are now usable simultaneously without breaking sessions. (Kudos to Thomas Olson for this one!)
  • Added colour-coding for “OSU ID”-type searches to indicate which accounts are an exact match.


  • Added a notes field.


For more info, please see the full changelog at

Change to Cleanup Scripts

Both the Windows 7 and 8 cleanup scripts are now located on the root of C:\. In order to make the Win8 script function properly, please move the User Account Control slider all the way down and restart prior to running cleanup. Be sure to re-enable it afterwards.

After running either script, please delete cleanup.bat, power.bat, and the scripts folder from the root of C:\.