Simplifying Ticket Types

Based on discussion with Lucas and Max, I am collapsing some of our ticket types. The change will happen this Friday 9/22 after 7PM.

The ticket type “Device or application support” will now replace the following types:

  • Email Support
  • Application/Software support
  • Personal Device support

Existing tickets will be updated to the new ticket type and correct form.

As part of this change, I am also renaming “CN Device Support” to “CN Device or application support”.

Remember: when you start a new ticket, select the correct formĀ first.

To create a ticket for “Device or application support”:

  1. In TD, click on “+ Service Request Form”
  2. When the ticket comes up, set the form to “Device or application support”
  3. If the request is primarily about an application, please select it from the list. Otherwise leave blank.

NOTE: Do not use “Device or application support” for CN requests. We need to be more specific with those requests. The CN form names all start with “CN”.

How do you know if it is a CN request? Here are the three most common cases where you need to pick a CN form:

  • The user is in a CN-supported department and the request is about a university-owned device.
  • The request is related to a CN account or permissions.
  • We are sending a technician on-site (we only do this for CN customers).

Always check RefTool for customer information, and always ask for the CN inventory ID number. It will be on a sticker on the device.

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