HMSC Reminder


Last week we had a customer from HMSC call and get told they had called the wrong number. The technician who took the call did not make a ticket under the caller’s name.

So, a reminder for everyone seems in order. HMSC are now on CN support. The customers are physically located in Newport (on the coast) so we cannot send Service Desk technicians on-site. However, we have IT staff on-site in Newport who we can escalate to. This is very similar to the situation at OSU-Cascades in Bend.

If you have not already reviewed the infosheet for HMSC, please do so now:

A few important reminders:

  • HMSC customers typically cannot come to us. We should try to help via phone, and then escalate their ticket via assignment to HSMC IT if needed.
  • Please do not ask HMSC customers to ship their computers to us. We have IT staff on site who can help them with rebuilds: HMSC IT in TeamDynamix.
  • The HMSC IT support number redirects to the Service Desk now. Please do not tell HMSC customers they have called the wrong number. We are the right number!
  • Always ask for the person’s name and look them up in RefTool. If you do, you will see that they are at Hatfield, and that they are CN supported.
  • Always make a ticket.

Please let me know if you have questions!

Service Desk Digest – 2/18/2020

Exchange Online

OSU-Cascades are scheduled to move to Exchange Online tonight. Please create child tickets for any reported issues and link them to the parent ticket:


The Duo mandatory project completed last week on 2/12. As of today, 99.62% of active students are enrolled in Duo. Congratulations to the whole team on helping OSU get to this point!


We moved intake for phone and email support at HMSC to the Service Desk as of last Tuesday. There was a hiccup with email submission to tickets that was resolved early Wednesday afternoon. The Infosheet for HMSC is now up-to-date with printer and network share info. Let me know if you run into issues that are not documented.

RefTool Links

I have added two new links under the “Documentation” category in RefTool:

  • Outage and Maintenance Tickets – the list of open parent tickets regarding known or possible issues you should be aware of. Please check this at the start of your shift. As a reminder, the Outage Ticket process is documented in our KB.
  • Service Status Dashboard – shows status of major UIT services. A good place to check during a suspected outage, and the URL can be shared with customers as well.