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RefTool Update (04/24/2020)

RefTool will be updated after 5 today. It contains the implementation of a “403 Forbidden” page for users who are signed in with SSO, but have not been given permission to use RefTool in Grouper.


Currently RefTool doesn’t tell the difference between users who are unauthenticated (not signed in) and unauthorized (signed in, but not permitted to access). The latter group will be thrown in redirect loop where their browser jumps back and forth between RefTool and SSO login.

After the update, these users will land on a 403 page. On this page, links to create tickets for OSU TeamDynamix Support and Service Desk will be shown, if they think they should be given access.

403 Forbidden

Does this affect me?

If you already have access to RefTool, you should not be affected by this update. However, if you lose permission for whatever reason and see the 403 page, follow the instructions.

Reftool Update – HMSC Accounts

Due to the upcoming extension of CN service to HMSC accounts, after 7 PM today (1/29), Reftool will be updated to flag HMSC accounts in search results and set them to be supported by CN.

For examples:

HMSC search results are color-coded teal and marked “HMSC”.
In the user record, the user’s name is marked “HMSC”. Their support group is Service Desk, and CN supported is “Yes – DO NOT REFER”.