Milne Lab Open

In order to provide a space for computer access to students who don’t have it, the Milne computer lab remains open at this time.

Customers need to come in at the Southeast entrance by the ADA ramp.

Hours are: Monday-Friday 8am-5pm

Please note that most other labs on campus and the Valley Library are currently closed.

Helpful COVID Help Doc Links

Some links to TD KB articles to common questions and issues seen during the COVID-19 pandemic.
If you have an article to add, post it in the comments and we will put it on this list.

General COVID-19 Information – Read! (Most questions are answered there.)

Instructions for Loaner Requests

Issues for Students: Zoom meetings not appearing in Canvas
Issue for Instructors: Zoom meetings created through Canvas are not appearing in course

Soft Phones – Installing
Soft-phone via Citrix Receiver (Windows)

RefTool Update (03/26/20)

RefTool will receive an update today at 5:15. The update restores searching for clients by first name and adds another alternative way to do so.

Two formats will be available to search for a client by first name:

  • FirstName [LastName] – where LastName is optional
  • FirstName; – first name, terminated with a semicolon

FirstName [LastName]

With this format, the user can omit the last name in the search query; however, the ending white space character (e.g. space) is required to differentiate between this and a username query. For example, to search for Jane, spell out “Jane” and a space. The LastName is received as “null”.


The FirstName [LastName] search format is error-prone because a single space is not always clear to the user. They may insert one by accident; on the other hand, if by intention, it is not immediately clear there is a space there either.

Introducing a new search format for just first name only. Instead of having to add a dangling space at the end of the first name, the user can also terminate the query with a semicolon (e.g. Jane;).

UI Indicator

RefTool UI will interpret the search format of the user’s query as they type. Below is a video demonstration:

That’s all, folks! Stay healthy and stay safe!

Service Desk Digest – 3/25/2020

Soft Phones

We have a new request form for soft phone setup: Request soft phone access from Telecom. I’ve added that link on the Soft Phone KB page as well.

The new form asks what operating system the customer is using. If they are using macOS or another OS, Telecom will ask Endpoint Management to grant them access to the Avaya One-X client via Citrix.

Jim is working to resolve audio issues with soft phone via Citrix Apps and Citrix Desktop. This is the only method we have for Mac users at this time. Windows users should install the client and connect to VPN.

Library Proxy Issues Resolved

The Library proxy was having an issue that was resolved this morning. Links to online articles from the library search tool were not working for remote customers.

The change to split tunnel VPN impacts customers who are trying to access library resources. They can no longer connect to VPN to browse like they are on-campus. They may be better off disconnecting from the VPN. In that case, they will get the proxied links via library search, and should then be able to access online resources.

When the new VPN server is ready for production, it will be full tunnel by default.

Exchange Online

Exchange Online migrations are still a go, and several groups are moving this week. Ben has made parent tickets for username changes that will happen tomorrow. Please link child tickets to the parent if you get calls on that.

Some Stats

237 calls as of 5pm
Tickets in queue at 8am: 254
Tickets in queue at noon: 213
Tickets in queue at 5pm: 181

Service Desk tickets resolved today: 210

Nice work!

Access Avaya CMS Dashboard


We have limited licenses for the Avaya CMS reporting tool that lets us see our call center info. Max had a clever idea to create a Zoom meeting with screen sharing enabled, so we can now have unlimited access to the report.

Note that if you want to be able to view that in Zoom while joining another meeting, you have to enable “simultaneous” meetings in your Zoom settings. I had to restart the client to get the change to take effect.

Instructions here:

VPN Changes

New VPN Server

I’ve updated the VPN service infosheet to include information about the new VPN server at

VPN Service InfoSheet (Internal)

Please note that access to the new server is currently restricted to soft phone users who dial into a call center. Most soft phone users will continue to use instead.

VPN Now Split-Tunnel

As of Friday, 3/20/2020 at 6:00am, the default configuration for AnyConnect clients connecting to is split tunnel. In split tunnel configuration, only network traffic bound to OSU will transit the tunnel; all other traffic goes direct to the Internet. This change was made to reduce some traffic through the VPN and improve network performance for VPN users.

The down side is that anyone who was using VPN to mask their IP in order to access an IP-restricted service (such as Acquia Dev) will no longer be able to do that. The following are suggested work-arounds:

I’ve updated our VPN KB articles to reflect this change. Let me know if you have questions.

Remote Desktop Gateway Service

We have a new remote desktop gateway service that is ready for customer use. This allows customers to remote into their work computer without having to use the VPN, freeing up VPN resources for other users.

Using the remote desktop gateway requires the following:

  1. Enable Remote Desktop on the OSU computer
  2. Adjust firewall rules to permit inbound RDP traffic
  3. Add the user to the “Remote Desktop Users” local group on the computer

Service Desk Responsibilities

  • Help customers with connection issues
  • Help CN customers with workstation prep steps required before connect
  • Refer non-CN customers to their IT group for workstation prep steps
  • Escalate to tier 2 (Infrastructure) if needed (e.g. for service outage)


Service Desk Digest 3/17/2020


Thank you so much for you hard work these past couple of weeks. I wanted to share a sampling of the survey feedback we have received from customers recently (since 3/15), ALL of which has been very positive (the only complaint was from a customer who said we didn’t answer their question; I suspect they missed the email we sent them, so I sent it again). Considering the difficulty of what we have been dealing with, that really speaks to our success as a team.

This was my favorite:

“All of my recent interactions with staff have been so wonderful. I’m grateful for the competence and tone of your team.”

More recent customer feedback:

  • “Super friendly! Simple issue of directing me to the VPN install, but taken care of directly and efficiently. ” (Employee)
  • “The person that helped me was very friendly, funny and efficient. My VPN was quickly installed with no problems. Thank you all for your great attitudes and quick service during some crazy times!” (Employee)
  • “Pointed me right to where the setting could be configured. Works great! ” (Employee)
  • “Thank you for the quick service (no waiting) and I’m quite satisfied the service received 🙂 ” (Employee)
  • “IS staff took time to find solutions to my problem even though it took quite a long time and two phone calls” (Extension employee)
  • “Justin was incredibly helpful and great to work with! ” (Employee)
  • “Isak was very knowledgeable and was able to get my remote access setup quickly. ” (Employee)
  • “Tevan was fast and efficient. Thanks so much for getting my computer set up for remote work!” (Employee)
  • “The representative was able to solve my problem quickly and smoothly. ” (Extension employee)
  • “Very helpful.. I appreciate the prompt assistance! ” (Student)
  • “Very helpful CN agent. He knew exactly what I needed and led me through the steps to install the VPN application on my desktop unit. ” (Employee)
  • “Excellent service, and help. Especially with how busy I’m sure they’ve been with so many people working remotely, and trying to get everything set up for them. ” (Employee)
  • “Knowledgeable and lots of guiding skills. Wonderful tone of voice (caring and respectful).” (Employee)
  • “You had exactly what I asked for. It was marked easily identifiable at the desk. No waiting time. ” (Employee)
  • “Tech was friendly and helped restore my Outlook as I like it to appear. When working remotely systems seem to do weird things so it was nice to have someone be patient and willing to help resolve my issues. ” (Employee)
  • “Fast and prompt. ” (Student)
  • “Justin was extremely helpful and polite, especially when the helpdesk was being bombarded with remote teaching questions. Thanks! ” (Employee)

Soft Phones

Telecom has announced a new service that we are likely to get questions about.

Soft phones are now available. A soft phone allows a person to use software on their computer to make and receive calls as though they were at their OSU phone.

Note that before setting up soft phone access, the customer needs to be enabled for soft phone access by Telecom.

Quick overview of the process:

  1. Install and configure the Avaya one-X Communicator software
  2. Connect to the VPN
  3. Launch Avaya one-X and sign in with phone extension
  4. Make and receive calls
  5. Sign out of Avaya one-X
  6. Disconnect from VPN


Location of the installer:

In-Person Support Stops 3/14/2020

Starting Saturday, per direction from the university’s administration, we will stop providing most in-person support. This includes walk-in support and on-site appointments.

On-Site Appointments

We should make every effort to assist customers via phone or email instead of in-person. If you think a request requires an on-site visit, tell the customer “I’m going to schedule an appointment but please note that I will need to get approval from a supervisor.” Schedule the appointment, and ping a manager (Kirsten, Max, Chris or Richard) to review the request.

Starting Monday, Patrick will be available for morning appointments, and Robin will be available for afternoon appointments. Technician schedules will be updated soon to reflect this.

Technicians going on-site should bring a keyboard and mouse to avoid touching customer equipment as much as possible.

Walk-in Closure

Starting Saturday, we will close the walk-up. The door will remain closed with a sign posted saying we are not taking walk-ins and that customers need to call for support.

If we are unable to verify a person’s identity for Duo bypass, we will schedule an appointment to have them meet us in the hallway outside Milne 201. Please schedule all such appointments on Jeff Bonnichsen’s calendar and inform him on the ticket.

Personal Device Support: if we are unable to resolve an issue for a personal device by phone, ping Jeff Bonnichsen for review of the issue. If Jeff is not available, contact Richard Turk. Please set the expectation with the customer that we may not be able to do in-person repair, and may have to refer them to local computer repair options.

CN Pick-ups: Instead of doing placements, we should try to do computer pick-ups where feasible. Computer pick-ups need to be scheduled. We have a response template in TDx to facilitate this: SD -> COVID-19 Laptop Pickup