HMSC Reminder


Last week we had a customer from HMSC call and get told they had called the wrong number. The technician who took the call did not make a ticket under the caller’s name.

So, a reminder for everyone seems in order. HMSC are now on CN support. The customers are physically located in Newport (on the coast) so we cannot send Service Desk technicians on-site. However, we have IT staff on-site in Newport who we can escalate to. This is very similar to the situation at OSU-Cascades in Bend.

If you have not already reviewed the infosheet for HMSC, please do so now:

A few important reminders:

  • HMSC customers typically cannot come to us. We should try to help via phone, and then escalate their ticket via assignment to HSMC IT if needed.
  • Please do not ask HMSC customers to ship their computers to us. We have IT staff on site who can help them with rebuilds: HMSC IT in TeamDynamix.
  • The HMSC IT support number redirects to the Service Desk now. Please do not tell HMSC customers they have called the wrong number. We are the right number!
  • Always ask for the person’s name and look them up in RefTool. If you do, you will see that they are at Hatfield, and that they are CN supported.
  • Always make a ticket.

Please let me know if you have questions!

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