Windows 7 Upgrades for CN


As you all know, Windows 7 support officially ended yesterday, January 14.

We still have a few hundred CN-supported computers that need to be upgraded. Chris and Richard have worked with Jim Galloway in Endpoint Management to create an upgrade process that can be pushed out to customer machines. This has been successfully tested.

The first large in-place upgrade will be in the evening of 1/16. For details, see the parent ticket:

If all goes well, we will do batches of about 50 computers every Tuesday and Thursday. A parent ticket will be created for each group, and the LRPs will be notified by Chris Sinnett. Steven Tom has been scheduled to be available for any follow-up issues the day after. We anticipate that the entire process will take at least 6 weeks to complete.

The most likely issue a customer will encounter is a paused upgrade, for which they may need to reboot the computer, or a failed upgrade which should revert back to Windows 7. If this happens, please make a child ticket and escalate to the Endpoint Management team. Other known issues: the preferred browser and preferred PDF viewer will need to be reset.

Endpoint is also working on making the upgrade process available on-demand, so we can run it if/when a CN customer calls in requesting upgrade. The upgrade process is nice because it makes a full backup of all volumes (and is fast) before attempting the OS upgrade.

CAB ticket for this change:

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