HMSC Coming on CN Service


Customers at Hatfield Marine Science Center (HMSC) are coming on CN service. On February 11, 2020, tier 1 support for HMSC will transition to the Service Desk.

Details of this change:

  • Phone calls to 541-867-0396 (70396) will route to the Service Desk line.
  • Emails to will create tickets in the Service Desk queue.
  • Service Desk will escalate requests to the HMSC IT team as needed.

A customer department infosheet is in progress for HMSC and will be located here:

The HMSC IT team are:

  • Dann Cutter – manager
  • Ed Cortes – ITC
  • TeamDynamix group: Hatfield IT (HMSC)

Please note that HMSC customers are not set up like regular CN customers yet. In particular, they do not have shares on CN-Share or CN-Home, their accounts are not in our ONID OU, they are not on the ISCS-printq server, and their computers don’t have the CN image and are not managed by the CN GPO. Those items are under review at this time.

Note that most HMSC customers have local admin access to their computers.

If you run into an issue that you cannot address (e.g. due to not having local admin access) please escalate via ticket assignment to Hatfield IT (HMSC) in TeamDynamix with good ticket details.