SCCM Sync Update (01/08/2020)

An update to SCCM sync will be pushed today after 7 PM. Here are the changes.

Setting Owning Customers

Before, SCCM sync set an asset’s owning customer by getting all users in TD and searching for a customer in that list. This was a very expensive task and it was restricted to after hours only.

Now, SCCM sync only gets single user if needed. As a result, SCCM sync can run from 7 AM and 7 PM everyday and update owning customers every time.

Matching SCCM and TDx Assets

Before, the script matched assets from SCCM and TDx by Resource ID (external ID) and serial number. This resulted in complications in cases of rebuilds, where the external ID must be updated.

Now, it does a single match by serial number and treats the external ID as simply another property of an asset to update.

Print CN Label Link

Lastly, the script now checks if an asset has the print CN label link set, in case it was not when the asset was created manually.


Before, KB documentation on asset sync was written in a single long article. Now, it is split into a short “parent” article that lists the scripts that make up asset sync and their schedules, and more specific articles for the individual scripts (which are linked in the parent article).

That’s all, folks! If you have questions or concerns, let me know.

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