Verifying Identity for Duo Bypass Codes

Please do not ask customers to send us a picture of their ID.

The following methods can be used to verify someone’s identify when issuing a bypass code.

Options for verification (not a complete list, and subject to change pending better options):

  • Preferred option: In person. Ask the customer if they can come to Milne 201 and show us their OSU ID or other government issued ID. If they cannot, try one of the other options below.
  • Webex: Ask to do a WebEx session and have the person show you their ID over WebEx. There is no need to store an image from the video session. Simply have them show you their ID and compare it to their face as you would in person.
  • For CN customers: Visit the person in their office and have them show you their ID.
  • Other valid options:
    • You know the person and they are standing in front of you.
    • You know the person calling, they are calling from their number and you recognize their voice.
  • If we cannot verify the person’s identity: make a ticket and add a task assigned to IAM. Let the customer know IAM will get back to them Monday-Friday 8AM-5PM.

Please note: someone telling you their OSU ID number is not sufficient to verify their identity (the information is too easy to find). Be suspicious of anyone readily volunteering information you didn’t ask for, and be suspicious of anyone trying to do an ONID password change and duo bypass at the same time.