Status of Milne Remodel


A big thanks to those of you who helped with our recent office moves, and to everyone for continuing to provide quality service to our customers during this disruption.

Here is the status of the remaining outstanding items:

  • Milne 228 – The conference room is almost back to normal now. A few remaining items need to be put away and most of the old furniture (not the conference room furniture) will be surplused.
  • Milne 203 (ISCS Workroom) – We are in the process of installing a video system for conferencing. The room is usable as-is but is still under construction.
  • Milne 213 – We are working on getting power and network setup to the last cube on the West side of the room. The storage shelves need to be attached to the wall before we start using them. A bulletin board for hanging ID badges and parking tags will be installed on the North wall in the next couple of weeks. We are looking into adding a screen on the North wall as well where we can display call center stats, etc. We have coat hooks on order and they will be installed by the shelves on the West side of the room. We are in the process of ordering an additional sit/stand desk for a staff member in this room.
  • Milne 213A – This room is complete. There has been some discussion about changing the cubicle walls but we do not have budget for that this year.
  • Milne 201 – This room is complete. We may add a screen for displaying phone stats so staff at the triage desk can see how busy 213 is. Angela is working on getting art loaned to us for this space.
  • Milne 213C¬†(Managers area) – We will be installing two new doors into this room, probably in May.
  • Milne 120 (Where Lisa used to be) – Some items, such as the Salmon Bowl laptops, will be stored here. Check with Richard or Lisa before storing any items in this space.
  • Signage¬†– We will be adding sandwich boards to take out into the quad on the South side of the building. There will be additional signage in the West corridor to help direct customers to the new 201 location.

Note: We are not going to add new cabinets under the desks in 213. We will be using the existing file cabinets instead. I realize backpacks are typically too big to fit inside of the file cabinets, so please put your backpacks and other large items under the desk and NOT in corridors. Thank you!