New form field in TeamDynamix

What is happening?

We are adding a new field to TDx forms that the Service Desk fills out on behalf of customers. The new field is called “Tech notes” and will be used to describe the current status of a ticket – what has been done and what needs to be done next.

The goal is to clearly communicate to the user and other technicians:

  • Description – audience is the end-user who is making the request. State the request in the customer’s context. Avoid jargon.
  • Tech Notes – audience is other technicians. Put jargon and “done / doing  / to-do” updates here.

Why the change?

The “Description” field gets emailed to the customer when their ticket is created, as well as when it is modified. As such, putting technical jargon in that field, or next steps for other techs, can be confusing.

Also, the customer’s request generally stays the same throughout the life of the ticket, while the current status and next steps continually change. Using the ticket feed to track next steps is problematic because it is too easy for things to get missed. The Tech Notes field will be more visible than the feed.


You’re killing me with all these TDx form fields…

We are working on removing some unnecessary fields and standardizing across forms. Lucas and I will be reviewing the various “Device” fields soon – many are no longer needed as we can now set Asset on the ticket instead.

Note: not all forms will have the Tech Notes field (yet). It’s a work in progress. Also, while the Tech Notes field is not currently required, it may be required in the future. Get ahead of the game by starting to use it now!

Questions? Feedback?

Please post your thoughts in the #teamdynamix channel in Slack.