CN Supported – Account request forms – moving locations in TD


As part of the Service Catalog changes, the service requests in the “CN Supported – Account Requests” (

are moving to this category – “Community Network Support”

The CN web page deep links to the specific forms, so the customer impact should be low to minimal.

Status called “Closed – Survey” has been turned off

We have removed the status called “Closed – Survey” from TeamDynamix. It was causing a fair bit of confusion.

The “Closed” status will send a survey now.

Surveys are only sent for tickets with the following primary responsible groups set:

  • Service Desk
  • Service Desk – Extension IT
  • Service Desk – Accounts
  • Service Desk – Recommendations
  • Service Desk – Bench

Note: different surveys are also sent for the following groups:

  • Service Desk – Cascades
  • Web and Mobile (CWS)


Reminder information about how to close a ticket:

  • Closed: means that you and the customer agree the issue is resolved. The customer will receive a survey IF they have not already received one within the past 7 days.
    • Note: the customer sees this status in the email notification from the system. If they reply within 60 days, the ticket will reopen. If you don’t want the customer to see “Closed” in the email from TDx, leave the ticket set to “Open” when you update, and then edit it afterwards to change to Closed.
  • Follow-up with customer – automatic: we think the issue is resolved but the customer has not confirmed yet – OR – we have tried at least three times to get a hold of the customer and they have not responded. The system will send one last reminder email to the customer and automatically closes the ticket at that time. Use with care.
  • Cancelled: the customer has withdrawn their request. Generally only the customer should set this status (you can set it if they specifically ask you to cancel it).
  • Referred: the question was not for us and we directed the customer somewhere else. Use the Referral form.
    • ONLY use this status if you are transferring the ticket to a group not using TeamDynamix (Registrars office, Admissions, etc.)
    • Example – The customer needs to contact the registrars office.
  • Junk e-mail – Closed: Only use this for messages that are junk mail. Do not use for messages from customers about junk mail.



Q: This person does not want to receive a survey!

A: We can exclude them. Let Lucas or Kirsten know.


Q: I am in another group (not listed above) and want to send surveys – how do I do that?

A: Talk to Lucas F to get that setup. No other groups have surveys configured at this time and this change does not affect them.


Q: Why is this change happening?

A: Service Desk technicians were confused about when to use “Closed” versus “Closed-Survey” and we were not being consistent.

Default Logon Domain Set to ONID

The default domain for machines joined to the CN domain has been set to ONID. This has been done because the vast majority of our customer user accounts are in the ONID domain, so this will save folks from having to remember to put “ONID\” when logging in to a new machine.

Conversely, folks who do need to log in with CN domain accounts (service accounts, student workers, authenticating with “user plus” accounts) will now need to remember to put “CN\” in the username.

Extened Battery Warranty for Dell

From Dell:

Dell has extended the battery warranty to align with the system warranty for the following systems.  If you are having issues with a battery please call into tech support.  As long as the system is under warranty Tech Support will replace the battery.

  • CHROMEBOOK 13 7310
  • INSPIRON 7437
  • LATITUDE 3150
  • LATITUDE 3160
  • LATITUDE 5175
  • LATITUDE 5179
  • LATITUDE 5250
  • LATITUDE 5450
  • LATITUDE 5550
  • LATITUDE 7275
  • LATITUDE 7350
  • LATITUDE 7370
  • LATITUDE E5270
  • LATITUDE E5470
  • LATITUDE E5570
  • LATITUDE E7240
  • LATITUDE E7250
  • LATITUDE E7270
  • LATITUDE E7440
  • LATITUDE E7450
  • LATITUDE E7470
  • PRECISION 3510
  • PRECISION 5510
  • VENUE 8 PRO 5830
  • VENUE 8 PRO 5855
  • VENUE 10 5050
  • VENUE 10 PRO 5055
  • VENUE 10 PRO 5056
  • VENUE 11 PRO 5130
  • VENUE 11 PRO 7130/7139
  • VENUE 11 PRO 7140
  • XPS 11 9P33
  • XPS 13 9333
  • XPS 14 L421X
  • XPS 1810
  • XPS 1820
  • XPS 9250
  • XPS 9530
  • XPS 9550
  • XPS DUO 12 9Q33

Milne Lost and Found

The Lost and Found for Milne Computer Center is room 201.

Before we moved 201, there used to be a box for lost and found items in the cabinet by the front desk. If that box doesn’t exist anymore, we can certainly set that up again.

I will make sure Ecampus and CASS staff know that 201 is the lost and found location for the building as well.

This information is documented in the Milne Computer Lab kb article.

Firefox ESR 60

Mozilla released the next major version of Firefox ESR (Extended Support Release), which has some notable implications. I would expect the fleet to be mostly updated to FF60 ESR any time between “now” and a week-ish from now.

For the major changes:

  • NPAPI support has (finally) been removed, in line with every other major browser. This means plugins such as Java, Silverlight, etc cannot be run in Firefox. A message went out to Banner users on Monday of this week informing them that the recommended web browsers are IE (Windows) and Safari (macOS) as of today.
  • If folks are noticing that the browser seems dramatically snappier, they’re right! Firefox ESR now uses the updated multi-threaded rendering engine (Branded as “Quantum” and originally rolled out in Firefox 57).
  • Updated addon system. With the multi-threaded rendering engine, a side effect is existing addons (e.g. uBlock Origin, NoScript, etc) have to be rewritten. For many addons they’ve already been rewritten — FF57 rolled out back in November and changes were communicated to addon authors 6-12+ months prior to that. In some cases addons have not been rewritten due to authors abandoning them, or because the new addon system does not permit what it was trying to do. For those addons there’s not much to be done other than looking for a compatible addon that replicates the functionality if possible.
    • There are “forked” versions from older Firefox builds that still support NPAPI plugins and the legacy addon system – please do not install these for customers as they also tend to be significantly behind on security updates.

If a customer is running the “non-ESR” version of Firefox, this is all old news as these changes happened in November.

TDx Form Changes – “Computer Location”

I have made a number of modifications to the forms we use most often in TeamDynamix.


  • “Computer location” and “customer equipment location” fields have been added on relevant forms.
    • If we take possession of a customer’s computer or equipment, set these fields!
    • If you move a customer’s computer or equipment, set these fields!
  • Status is at the top of (almost) every form now to make it easier to update status quickly.
  • The “Walkup” forms have been disabled.
  • The “Source” field is now required on all of Service Desk forms.
  • The field “Extension customer?” has been renamed to “Extension or AES Off-campus customer?”
  • Many disused fields have been removed.

A breakdown of most of our forms with their fields can be found here:

Lucas and I are working on dismantling the separate reports and desktop for “Walkup” and will create a new report to help us find tickets about personal devices in our possession.

It’s really important that you set the “Computer location” field.

Please set the “Computer Location” field.

I will bake cookies. Really.

Desk Names

Each desk has a name and they will soon be labeled. Maps will be posted soon. For now, here is my quick and dirty map:

Soda Pool

If you would like to keep the soda pool going, please note that it is not free. We pay for the sodas with contributions from you all.

Unfortunately, some money recently went missing from the jar in the fridge. It looks like that may have happened again, or perhaps folks are not contributing anymore. I will bring in a small lock box to store funds for the sodas. If we don’t get enough in there to buy more sodas, I won’t be able to keep doing that.

Suggested contributions for the sodas are:
Sodas and juice – 50 cents
Energy drinks – $2

If you didn’t know that the sodas were not free, no worries. I still have some money left over from previous donations and will use that to replenish the fridge one more time.