TDx Changes – Service Desk, CN related – ticket types and forms


Kirsten and I made some changes to the Ticket type and Form names. This is to make the process of selecting a Form easier.

Details on the changes are below.

  • Inactivated (ticket type and form)
    • Ticket type and form “Computer Build/Rebuild (personal device” inactive
    • Ticket type and form “Malware response (personal device)” inactive
  • Renamed (ticket type and form)
    • “Device support (pc, phone, tablet, etc.)” –>”Personal Device Support”;
    • “Computer Build/Rebuild (OSU device)” –>”CN Build/Rebuild”;
    • “Campus Labs Support” –>”Campus Labs”
    • “Device recommendation/purchase” -> “CN Recommendation/Purchase”; limited form and type to only those groups that need it
    • “Malware response (OSU device)” -> “CN Malware Response”
    • “Printer support” -> “CN Printer Support”
    • “Surplus” -> “CN Surplus”
  • Created new type: “CN Device Support”

The new form names and types going forward are:

  • CN Build/Rebuild
  • Campus Labs
  • CN Recommendation/Purchase
  • CN Malware response
  • CN Printer Support
  • CN Device support
  • Personal Device Support

If you have any feedback, please let Kirsten Petersen and Lucas Friedrichsen know.


In the past month or so, we have had three headsets in the call center break. The connector between the earpiece and the headband is fragile plastic, and takes a beating when we remove the headbands frequently to re-cradle the earpiece.

Some of these headsets were quite old (5+ years?) and I think this is probably a design flaw. I have ordered 6 new headsets; most of these have arrived and a couple are still on their way.

I will be evaluating some alternative headsets to see if we can get something a bit tougher. For now, please be gentle with the headsets, particularly when you are removing the earpiece from the headband.

RefTool1 sunset, RefTool2 downtime – Friday June 30th, 5:15pm – 5:45pm


Referral Tool will be unavailable on Friday June 30th, from 5:15-5:45pm.

The older Referral Tool 1,, is being turned off.

Referral Tool 2,, will continue to work. That URL will also be redirected.

After the change, the newer version will be located at –

Backend, there is also a Cyder entry change to facilitate moving to a new VM.


Friday June 30th, 5:15-5:45pm.


Reduce the number of tools in use and consolidate the tools onto a newer production VM.

Support contact

If you have any problems accessing RefTool2, please e-mail