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New TDx form – ONID PASSword Assistance


A new form has been added to the “IT” application in TeamDynamix. The form is called “ONID Password Assistance”


Made available on June 29th, 2020 – 11:45am


To help you and the customer with the ONID password change process, and provide the Identity and Access Management group more information for the continual improvement of the ONID password change process.

How to find the form?

  • Create a new ticket in the “IT” application
  • In the “form” area at the top, search for “ONID Password Assistance” and select it.

Teamdynamix group consolidation: OFFICE 365


There were 2 Office 365 groups in TeamDynamix. Those groups have been collapsed to a single group, called “Office 365 – Tier 2”.

The members of the Office 365 Escalation group were added to the “Office 365 – Tier 2 group”.

When was the change made?

Friday January 23rd 2020, 2pm.

Why the change?

Simplification; Two groups for Office 365 support / Tier 2 work was confusing.

TDx form – ONID Account sign-up


A new form is available in TeamDynamix now for the ONID account sign-up process. This form will help you walk through assisting someone sign-up for an ONID account.  This form is also available for customers to utilize, and Identity and Access Management will be directly linking to this ticket form, from the ONID account sign-up process.


  1. To assist customers with the sign-up process and direct them to other OSU departments (Registrars, HR, etc.) if some of their sign-up information is NOT working .
  2. To assist Service Desk staff with the ONID sign-up process, and provide more information / direction so you can assist the customer.
  3. To gather additional data about WHY people are running into challenges signing-up for / activating their ONID account. This information will help inform additional process improvements for the ONID sign-up process, additional knowledge-base articles, etc.

How to access / use the form:

  1. Create a ticket from RefTool, at the top of the TDx ticket creation window, in the “form” field search for “ONID Account Signup”.
  2. In the “IT” tab in TD, click “new”, at the top of the TDx ticket creation window, in the “form” field search for “ONID Account Signup”.

Our KB article about “TeamDynamix – how to create a ticket” is here:


Customer facing form:

Technician form:

Knowledgebase articles:

ONID Sign-up troubleshooting (internal)

ONID sign-up issues (customer facing)

New forms in TeamDynamix – Duo Support, Transcripts


2 forms have been added to TeamDynamix. 1 for Duo Support and 1 for Transcripts requests.

  • A couple required fields have been added to the Duo Support form. The following fields will show on the form if “Bypass code issued” or “Phone – Switching number” is selected from the “Duo Support items” list.
    • “How was the customers ID verified?”
    • “Type of ID (drivers license, passport, etc)”


To make it easier for you to help customers with Duo, and Transcripts.

How do I find the forms?

Create a new ticket in the “IT” application in TeamDynamix, at the top of the form, start typing either “Duo” or “Transcripts” to find the forms, and select it.

The KB article on “creating a ticket” can be found here:

RefTool – Date display changes – Account created, password expiration, Duo mandatory


Date formats on Reftool for Account Created, password Changed, and Duo Mandatory have all been changed/unified to the DD-MMM-YYYY format.


Duo Mandatory: 04-Mar-2019

The password expiration date format hasn’t changed but will increasingly become a non-issue as Duo enrollment expands.


Tuesday April 23rd, 2019 12:30pm


Improve readability and consistency of the date fields.

Guidance for responding to bias-related postings and graffiti


Based upon increased reports of non-authorized postings, and as we head into the weekend before the election, OSU is providing guidance about how to respond to bias-related postings or graffiti.

The PDF file at the link below will help you if these postings are encountered.

This guidance has also been posted here:

  • Corkboard outside Milne 201.
  • Inside Milne 201.
  • Door exiting Milne 213 near the elevator – to the left of the door.
  • On the door in the hallway near the cabinets.

If you encounter these postings, please follow the directions on the guidance sheet.

If you have questions, please ask!


CN Supported – Account request forms – moving locations in TD


As part of the Service Catalog changes, the service requests in the “CN Supported – Account Requests” (

are moving to this category – “Community Network Support”

The CN web page deep links to the specific forms, so the customer impact should be low to minimal.

TeamDynamix group changes – Server Support, Infrastructure, Endpoint Management

Group changes

Between 10am and 11am today, Tuesday April 24th, the following changes to groups will happen.

  • Disable “Server Support”
  • Rename “Shared Infrastructure Group (SIG)” —> “IS Infrastructure (formerly SIG)”

Tickets that previously routed to Server Support will route to “IS Infrastructure”.

New group

A new group exists in TeamDynamix called “Endpoint Management”.

That group helps with tickets and requests related to SCCM, Jamf Casper, Citrix and Active Directory.