Malware on CN-Supported Machines

If you start to think a CN-supported device might have malware on it, always stop and ask the customer if they handle PII (personally identifiable information) before doing any scans. If they do handle PII, we have to follow a different process.
For details, see the workflow document linked on this article (the article itself hasn’t been written yet, but the diagram is done):
If they handle PII, the InfoSec office wants to look at their machine to see how it was compromised, and whether any PII was disclosed. If it was, the university is obligated by law to notify the people impacted, and in some cases to pay damages. If we run anti-malware software, it causes problems for InfoSec’s forensics.
Let me know if you have any questions.

TeamDynamix Ticket Closure and Surveys

TeamDynamix Ticket Closure and Surveys

What Status to Use

When closing a ticket, you should almost always set the status to “Closed-Survey“.

Please do not use “Cancelled” – that status is set when the requestor withdraws their own request (for example, if they resolved the issue before we responded).

Note that the “Closed” status does NOT send a survey. We set this status for things like junk mail, system-generated notices, and any ticket without a valid requestor (e.g. voice mails in some cases, and phone@log entries). You should not be using the “Closed” status very often.

You can use the “Referred” status for calls that result in an immediate referral, such as to the Registrar or Admissions. Please don’t use it in cases where we have worked with the customer and then escalated their request to another IS team.

Long story short: if you spent any amount of time working with a customer, set the ticket status to “Closed-Survey” when finished so they have an opportunity to submit a survey.

How TD Surveys Work

Surveys are sent 100% of the time when a ticket is put in the “Closed-Survey” status. The survey is sent only to the requestor. A single requestor will not receive a survey request more often than once/week. Customers are welcome to provide feedback directly to any of the ISCS Managers if they have concerns with the survey process, or have not received a survey link.