TeamDynamix group on-board – Software Coordinator/ Distribution – 5/26/2017

The Software Coordinator / Software Distribution group has been on-boarded to TD.

The group is called Software Distribution.

That group currently includes Angela O’Neal and Kamryn Rasmussen.

What this means

  1. You can reassign tickets to the group.
  2. You can assign tasks to the group – e.g. a build ticket that needs a software license.
  3. The Software request forms located here ( now create tickets in TeamDynamix.
  4. Software requests will be processed through TeamDynamix.

Service Desk Digest – 5/24/2017

TeamDynamix Knowledge Base

We will be making some changes soon to the KB permissions on the technician security role to allow teams outside of the Service Desk to have view-only access.

Service Desk technicians will NOT have the ability to edit articles at this time, but can provide feedback on articles by clicking “Yes” or “No” next to “Was this helpful?” and entering a comment. I will be reviewing feedback comments daily.

Some of you are frequent contributors and editors in the KB; I will be following up with you in person soon about these changes.

TeamDynamix “MyWork” Removal

For Service Desk employees, the MyWork application in TeamDynamix will be removed soon. We may add this application back at a later date, but at this time it is preferred that you use either the “IT” application or a Desktop to view tickets.

We did not train on the MyWork application, and there has been some confusion about how it works. If you were using MyWork, please talk to Kirsten.

Using Box to Backup User Data

Steve Fowler has added an FAQ item with some recommendations on using Box as a backup tool for personal files. – See “Is Box a Backup Solution?”

When customers bring their devices to the Walkup for repair or reinstall, we should first help them get their data in a safe place, and Box is a good option. Please remind students that their access to Box goes away when they leave the university and their ONID account is removed.

CN customers may also use Box to store files they would normally have placed on their computer or on their P: drive. (Box is not a replacement for the P: drive; it is an additional service that they may use and is preferred to local-only storage.)

The Box FAQ also covers file size limits and security restrictions.

New Knowledge Base Articles

New technician articles added to TeamDynamix:

New customer articles added to Community Network Tech Tips:


Canvas Consultation, Canvas Tier 2 added to TD

The following groups have been on-boarded to TD. That happened on Wednesday May 10th, 2017. Lucas F was out the next 7 work days.

Please change responsibility on those tickets according, add tasks for escalations where you are keeping the ticket, etc.

  • Canvas group in Academic Technology (Lynn Greenough, Tasha Biesinger)
  • Canvas Tier 2 (Lindy Foster, Frank Kessel)
    • This is the group that Service Desk will be escalating/reassigning most tickets to.

Service Desk Digest 5/16/2017

Student Meeting on 5/18

Most of you are scheduled to attend a mandatory meeting this Thursday from 5PM-7PM. We will record the meeting so that anyone who is not able to attend can catch up later. Food will be included (pizza).

The agenda so far includes the following:

  • Richard Turk – Computer lab support overview
  • Chris Evans – Beaverprint overview and troubleshooting
  • Nathan Power – Citrix XenApp overview and troubleshooting
  • Jason Appah – Exchange troubleshooting and road map
  • Josh Crowl – Wireless network troubleshooting
  • Andrew Wheeler – IS and Client Services strategic plan and direction
  • Max Cohen – Time off and scheduling procedures
  • Kirsten/Max/Andrew – OSU-Cascades tier 1 support
  • Jeff Bonnichsen – Reminders about ticket updates, professionalism
  • Kirsten/Max – Congratulations to graduating students

Appointment Ticket Troubles

Pat has been reviewing all on-site appointments and has been seeing the following issues repeatedly. Please make sure you are following proper process when creating appointments:

  • Ticket type still set to service desk / intake. This should be set to the type appropriate for the appointment.
  • Responsible not set for field technician. Responsible needs to be set so on-site techs can find their tickets.
  • Calendar notes field void of ticket # or ticket URL. On-site techs need these details so they can prepare for appointments.
  • Requested placement time (length) doesn’t match calendar appointment length. This can lead to problems with overbooking. Please pay attention to the placement time notes in the ticket.

Steps to create an appointment are outlined here. If you need a refresher, please talk to Pat or Robin.

LAN Party Finals Week

The next LAN party will be Friday, June 16 at 6:00PM in the Milne Computer Lab.

If you would like to contribute towards pizza, please see Kirsten.

If you have questions about what games we will be playing or what tech to bring, talk to Thomas.

Security Items

If you are not familiar with common strategies for account phishing and identity theft, please read up. I will provide some training materials shortly.

We have had a handful of incidents recently where a Service Desk technician gave really bad advice to a customer. Please be aware of the following common issues:

  • Tech Support Scam. A customer is directed to call a support number due to vague “security problems” on their computer. The person on the call wants to remote into their computer and install software. THIS IS A SCAM. They may be attempting to compromise the person’s computer, gain access to their data, or encrypt their data in a ransomware attack. If a customer asks about an attack like this, tell them it is likely malicious, and not to call the number. If they allowed someone to remote into their machine, help them check for malware. If they are a CN customer, make sure to ask first if they handle PII (Personally Identifiable Information) such as credit card numbers or social security numbers.
  • Account Phishing. If a customer has received an email telling them their account is going to be deactivated unless they take some action, help them review the email. If it does not look like a notice from the ONID system, and/or directs them to a website that is not at OSU, it is most likely a PHISHING ATTEMPT where an attacker attempts to gain access to their account, usually to send spam and more phishing email.  A good technique is to mouse over any links in the email and wait for the URL to pop-up – it is is not an URL, they should not click on it. This is a good technique to train customers on.
  • If Unsure, Change the Password. As our CIO Lois Brooks said, if someone is asking whether they should maybe change their password, we should tell them to change their password. If a customer has clicked on a suspicious link and then provided their username and password, help them IMMEDIATELY CHANGE THEIR PASSWORD.  Please also ask them for details about the phishing attack and record that in the ticket. Notify ONID Support of the potential compromise so they can check the account to see if there is any suspicious activity such as open connections from another country.

Client Services Code Moved to GitHub Enterprise

Our code repositories are moving (have moved?) to an IS-wide GitHub Enterprise account. If you have questions, please ask in #sd-development on Slack.

Restricted Groups in Active Directory

For some groups we manage for CN customers, the customers have indicated they do not want us to make any membership changes without explicit approval from the group owner. In the past, we have had a few issues were we made changes to these groups anyway, without the customers’ permission.

To avoid this problem, the naming convention for these restricted groups has been changed to: RESTRICTED-Name-RESTRICTED

If you are asked to make a change to a group with this naming convention, please check the notes on the object. If you are unsure what to do, please check in with a full-time staff member.

Out-of-Order in the Computer Labs

If an item in one of the computer labs is out of order, please do the following:

  • Post an “Out of order” sign
  • UNPLUG THE DEVICE (otherwise helpful customers will turn it back on)
  • Make a ticket with Responsible set to Campus Labs
  • If urgent, post in #is-campus-labs on Slack for assistance