Outline for 2-hour Orientation Session

What is the relationship of this program to OSU?

    • Understanding the value of the program/event
    • What is the mission of the program?
    • Q & A about role descriptions of the employee(s) and volunteer(s)

How does OSU protect approved volunteers?

    • Forms to review and sign
    • Adult expectations
    • OSU Conditions of Volunteer Service (volunteers only)

Policies and procedures

    • Overview of policies and procedures for working with youth
    • Discussion about social controls to prevent child abuse
    • Appropriate boundaries between youth and adults
    • Preventing youth abuse of youth

Safety procedures to implement during program/event

    • Ratio of supervising adults to youth
    • Lodging arrangements
    • Check-in and check-out procedures
    • Emergency procedures: medical needs, weather, transportation, activities
    • Reporting accidents

When and how to report suspected child abuse

    • Signs of abuse
    • Protocol for reporting suspected abuse
    • Individual is protected when report is done in good faith
    • Practice skills through scenarios, “When a Youth Discloses…”

content edited Apr 2012