Youth Program Registration and Data Collection

All university-operated and hosted youth programs must register at Registration for ongoing programs should be completed annually. One-time or seasonal programs should be registered at least 30 days prior to the proposed start date of the program.

In addition to pre-registration, OSU units sponsoring youth activities are asked to submit program data annually to the Office of Precollege Programs.  Data may be submitted at any time throughout the year after a program has finished; there is no need to wait until the end of summer to submit. The data submission form can be found here:

The youth program data collection fields are listed below.  Not all programs will be able to collect comprehensive participant data.

DATA COLLECTION FIELDS (* = required fields)

    1. Program or Activity Name: *
    2. Brief Description of the Program or Activity: (100 words maximum)
    3. When did your program take place? *
    4. Activity Leader Name: *
    5. Activity Leader Email Address: *
    6. Sponsoring College or Unit: *
    7. Event Location: *
    8. Number of minor participants (under age 18) served: *
    9. Sources of program funding:
    10. Type(s) of support received from Precollege Programs:
    11. Contact Hours (Participants x Programming hrs):
    12. Demographic Data: Female; Native American; Latino/a; African American; Asian/Pacific Islander; Multiracial; Free/Reduced Lunch Eligible
    13. # of K-12 Teachers:
    14. # of Parent/Guardians:
    15. # of OSU Faculty/Staff Involved:

content edited 10-23-2019