Youth Program Criminal History Check Process

For a complete description of OSU’s Criminal History Check Policy, including FAQ and release forms, visit the Human Resources webpage at:

The Criminal History Check Process

1. The program supervisor develops a brief position description that includes specific duties in every “access type” that requires a Criminal History Check (CHC).  Access types that require a CHC include: information technology (IT), live animals (A), hazardous materials (H), limited access areas (L), fiscal responsibility (F), access to minors and one-on-one work with youth (M), access to personal information (PI), youth program (YP).  OHR will determine if a crime is disqualifying based on the access type of the position. Program Supervisors must fill out the gray box at the top of the CHC release form before the applicant finishes it. The release must be completed in full including the index number, program name, supervisor contact info, and access types.

The position description should include this language: “This position is designated as a critical or security-sensitive position; therefore, the incumbent must successfully complete a Criminal History Check and be determined to be position qualified as per OAR 576-055-0000 et seq. Incumbents are required to self-report convictions and those in Youth Programs may have additional Criminal History Checks every two (2) years.”

2. The applicant fills out a CHC release and returns it to OSU Office of Human Resources; contact information is on the bottom of page 1 of the release below the signature line.  

3. Human Resources will run the CHC, determine if the applicant meets the minimum requirements, and notify the supervisor and business center.  HR enters the applicant in a CHC database. CHCs are in effect until the applicant terminates, moves into a new position with different access type necessitating a new CHC, or for two years if in a qualifying Youth Program.

NOTE: It is the supervisor’s responsibility to re-initiate a CHC if and when necessary. To run a new CHC, the incumbent completes a new CHC release and submits it to OSU OHR noting the YP Recheck box. 4-H extension offices track their volunteers and submit a new release when it is time to recheck.


Questions regarding OSU’s criminal history check policy and processes should be directed to or 541-737-0549.

content edited 10-23-2019