Requirements for Youth Program Volunteers

  1. Volunteers serving OSU youth programs must complete a Conditions of Volunteer Service form annually.  This form identifies the University rules and regulations as well as tort and motor vehicle liability. A link to this form can be found in Appendix A.
  1. Role descriptions communicate the duties and expectations of volunteers.  Every volunteer should have a role description for each different role he/she holds in the organization.
  1. Youth Program volunteers are required to sign the Volunteer Assumption of Risk form, in addition to the Conditions of Volunteer Service, and receive a brief (written and/or verbal) program orientation. See Appendix A for link to Risk forms.
  1. Volunteers in positions that qualify for a Criminal History Check (criteria can be found below) should be screened through an application process that includes an application form, interview, criminal history check and reference support from at least two references who are not family members or roommates. See Section II and Appendix D for sample reference forms.
  1. Volunteer service may be suspended or terminated at any time for any non-discriminatory reason at the discretion of the program supervisor or their designee. Dismissals shall be made in consultation with the OSU Office of General Counsel.

content edited 10-23-2019