Volunteers interested in working with youth who will perform functions or duties that regularly require interaction with minors in a private setting, or without direct supervision on-site, must complete the following application process (steps a-d) to be approved to work with youth in OSU programs:

a. Potential volunteer completes and submits an application, including three personal references.

b. The volunteer applicant authorizes OSU to conduct a criminal history check. See Appendix A for current authorization form.

c. Program supervisor contacts three (3) personal references (by mail, e-mail or phone) provided by applicant (to provide diverse and subjective perspectives of the applicant’s character and trustworthiness for being responsible when working with youth). See Appendix D for Sample Reference Form and Appendix E for Sample Phone Reference Form.

d. Program staff provides program orientation for volunteer or employee role (reinforcing applicant’s personal commitment and ability for this role).

Program hiring supervisors should conduct interviews with potential long-term volunteers.  This step allows professional judgment regarding an applicant’s intentions and motivation for working with youth.  Sample interview questions are provided in Appendix F.

IMPORTANT: Registered Sex Offenders are not allowed to have contact with youth in the context of volunteering for an OSU student club or youth program.  By signing the Youth Program Conditions of Volunteer service form, volunteers acknowledge the following: “I am NOT a registered sex offender and I am not required to register on any state sex offender list. Misrepresentation on this point is subject to discipline through the Student Conduct and Community Standards Office, which may impose sanctions up to and including suspension or expulsion from OSU.”

Youth program employees apply through standard Human Resources procedures.  When calling the potential employees personal references, the questions on the Sample Phone Reference Form (Appendix E) can be valuable indicators for appropriateness for working with youth. 

content edited 10-23-2019