The following FAQs are specific to Insurance and Risk Management

A comprehensive FAQ guide related to youth programs can be found at

Who is a “volunteer”?

A volunteer is a person that:

    • OSU appoints in writing to perform official OSU business; and
    • Receives no remuneration for his/her services to OSU; and
    • OSU receives the primary benefit from the work performed by the volunteer; and
    • Performs activities at the request of, for the benefit of, and under teh supervision of, the university.

Are volunteers considered “agents of OSU”?

ORS 30.285(1) says: “A public body will defend, save harmless and indemnify any of its officers, employees and agents… arising out of an alleged act or omission occurring in the performance of duty.”

OSU volunteers are considered agents of the university so long as:

    • The volunteer is working on an OSU task assigned by an authorized OSU supervisor.
    • The volunteer limits their actions to the duties assigned in a clearly written position description.
    • The volunteer performs their assigned tasks in good faith, and does not act in a manner that is reckless or with the intent to unlawfully inflict harm to others.

The university would not consider volunteers agents of OSU under the following circumstances:

    • The volunteer is serving only their own interest.
    • The volunteer is only serving the interest of another organization.
    • The volunteer is clearly operating outside the scope of their duties.

What protection does OSU afford a volunteer?

Motor Vehicle Liability YES

If a volunteer uses a personally owned vehicle in the course of their duties, they are required to have automobile liability insurance to provide primary coverage for any accidents involving that vehicle.  The University’s automobile liability coverage may apply on a limited basis only after primary coverage limits have been exhausted.  If driving duties are part of the volunteer’s written position description, he or she may request use of an OSU motor pool vehicle.  Such requests should be submitted to OSU Transportation Services.

Worker’s Compensation No

Workers’ Compensation Insurance is not provided for volunteers at OSU.

What other policies are applicable to OSU volunteers?

Volunteers and Accident Reporting

Volunteers must immediately report all accidents and injuries to a supervisor.

OSU Conditions of Volunteer Service

This form must be signed by all volunteers in order for them to be recognized as agents of OSU.  This recognition provides the protections noted above. See Appendix A for a link to the form.

Additional guidance and resources related to volunteers can be found at

What is “Camps and Clinics Insurance”?

Camps and Clinics Insurance is available to OSU departments and programs that sponsor short-term events and activities involving participants–typically youth–who are generally not affiliated with the university. Such events/activities include but are not limited to youth sports camps, 4-H events, and pre-approved outings.

When does my program need Camps and Clinics Insurance?

You need Camps and Clinics Insurance when:

a)  Your program/event/activity is held at OSU or an OSU facility (e.g., Hatfield Marine Science Center)

b)  Your program/event/activity is officially sponsored by OSU and held at a non-OSU facility (e.g., a school)

c)  Participants are NOT affiliated with OSU (i.e., they are NOT OSU students, staff or faculty)

d)  Participants are NOT part of a K-12 school-sponsored program (e.g., NOT on a school-sponsored trip).

What is the cost for the Camps and Clinics Insurance?

Generally less than $2 per participant or spectator for day programs, or more depending on the length of the activity.

How do I purchase Camps and Clinics Insurance?

Special Event Insurance must be purchased PRIOR to the event or activity.  To learn more:

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