Compliance with OSU policies and youth program guidelines is the responsibility of the OSU employee designated as the Primary Contact, being the “person-in-charge” within the sponsoring department or unit.  The OSU Primary Contact may be a program director or coordinator, or an individual faculty member in an academic department.  At the time of program registration, the OSU Primary Contact will be asked to certify that they understand their obligations and that volunteers and staff working with youth have been screened and received adequate training.

Unless otherwise mandated by state or federal laws, the following records must be retained by the sponsoring college or unit in accordance with University Standard 04-010 Records Retention and General Records Retention Schedule:

a. Accident and injuries records.*

b. Liability waivers, including but not limited to participation agreements, parent consent forms, photo/media releases or consent for medical treatment.

c. Child and youth program participant records, including but not limited to rosters, attendance tracking and household/demographic data.

d. Employment records, including but not limited to time keeping and proof of criminal history checks.

e. Volunteer records, including the conditions of volunteer service form and related documents, such as the description of volunteer duties.

f. Training records that specify dates, content covered, and participant names for all personnel participating in required training.

*Accident and incident logs should be specific to the program or event.  It is a good practice to record minor accidents even if a formal accident report is not filed through OSU’s Public Incident Report Online Form.

content edited 01-14-2020