Appendix K

OSU Youth Program Compliance Check List

The following checklist addresses the required procedures for offering a youth program at OSU. Current university policy and supplemental guidance can be found at

Questions may be directed to the Office of Youth Safety & Compliance (Phone: 541-737-9362, Email:

Before your program starts . . .

Activity Registration (Section IV, Youth Program Registration and Data Collection)

Register online at

Hiring Staff and Volunteers (Section II, Selecting Employees and Volunteers to Work With Youth)

Application and Reference Forms (Appendix D and Appendix E)

Conditions of Volunteer Service (Appendix A)

Criminal history checks (Section I, Youth Program Criminal History Check Process)

Staff and Volunteer Training (Section III, Orientation and Training)

Youth Safety Standards of Behavior (Appendix C)

Supervision guidelines (Section I, Youth Program Best Practices)

Appropriate boundaries and social controls (Section I, Appropriate Adult-Youth Boundaries)

Media use (Section I, Media Use)

Child abuse and incident reporting procedures (Section V, Responding to Suspected Child Abuse)

Waivers and Release Forms

Liability waiver and media release for each participant, signed by their parent or guardian (Appendix B)

Camps and Clinics Insurance, if applicable (See FAQ)

Contracts with non-university entities must be reviewed by the Office of Procurement and Contract Services (

Emergency Planning and Incident Response

Collect and print hard-copies of emergency contact information for every youth participant

Maintain a log of accidents and injuries (Section IV, Program Records and Policy Compliance)

Follow incident reporting protocol (Section V, Other Types of Incidents)

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