This resource* was originally developed in January 2012 by the OSU Youth Safety Workgroup below. See Manual Revision Record for revision history.

    • Kyle Cole (Office of Precollege Programs)
    • Marilyn Lesmeister (4-H Programs)
    • Steven Harder (Youth Safety Specialist)
    • Roger Rennekamp (4-H Programs)
    • Marianne Vydra (Athletics)
    • Ryan Collay (SMILE)
    • Skip Rochefort (PCP)
    • Tracy Crews (Sea Grant)
    • Becca Gose (Office of General Counsel)
    • Brandi Aston (Office of Risk Management)
    • Roni Sue (Office of Equity and Inclusion)

*With the adoption of a new Safety of Minors Policy and Youth Safety Standards of Behavior on 10-23-2019, the document formerly entitled ‘Youth Program Policies and Guidelines’ has been renamed. OSU’s official youth policies and supplemental materials can be accessed online at

The following collection of program guidelines and recommendations should be considered standard practice for all OSU youth programs. Per OSU policy, deviation from these best practices requires clearly documented justification and approval from the program sponsor or department head.

Questions about this guide may be directed to the Office of Youth Safety & Compliance at 541-737-9362 or

content edited 1-23-2020