Hello Everyone

I’m glad to see the blog up and running again! Ever since biochem I have a fascination with 7TM receptor proteins. The rhodopsin protein is especially intriguing to me, so I am heavily leaning towards using it as my protein subject.

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  1. Phil says:

    Go for it! And for everyone else, take a peek at the 2014 Week-by-Week page and recall that on Week 2 we had a mystery molecule quiz (see the purple-colored protein that spans a membrane and features the light receiving molecule, retinal).

    “Rhodopsin” is a personal favorite of mine. Maybe that’s because the protein is, in fact, deep purple, my favorite color. Indeed, rhodopsin used to be called “visual purple” back in the physiology-precursor-days at the start of the history of biochemistry.

    We are looking forward to Wednesday to hearing more about your inspiration.

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