Protein Portraits 2017

 Our work plan

  • We will continue to discuss the protein projects we are all working on (perhaps at a rate of about three projects per lecture day).  Be prepared to talk about the science and the art of your chosen protein (see table below).
  • Let’s continue to trade ideas about the constructive side of creating an art project.  We will share hints and ideas from the materials side.
  • We will make plans for our end-of-term show.
  • On Tuesday May 23 we will visit the Linus Pauling Special Collection at the Valley Library.

Our 2017 list of projects

Protein (PDB ID)


Function, action, and other highlights

Photo.  Click for full-size view.

Artistic medium

Antifreeze proteins (1EWW and 2PY2)


 Very chill

Gummy fish

Aquaporin (3D9S)


Watery channels: Self-assembled and inside-out.

Pool noodles

Hemocyanin (1NOL)


 Oxygen transport, featuring copper binding of O2 Copper wire


Alpha helices in a reproduction regulator (1B5L)




Ceruloplasmin (4ENZ)


 Copper transport  Copper jewelry


Green fluorescent protein (1GFL)


 The central chromophore involves specialized amino acid chemistry Thick green goo

Hemagluttinin (1RUZ)


 Viral interaction with target cell featuring a conformational change  Tissue flowers

Monoamine oxidase (2BXS)


 Mood and personality  Cosmetic variation



 Molecular walking mechanism  Various mechanical things

Our 2017 announcement

UHC Protein Portraits Show: Glimpses of the very small and very active world of protein molecules.
Students enrolled in Protein Portraits  will present their final projects on Thursday June 8th at 10:30 am. The display of the works will continue through most of finals week. Location: The show will be held on the 3rd floor of LinC at the top of the orange staircase outside of room 345. Come see these original works of molecular art+science and fill out a ballot to vote for your favorite(s).  You can also check out the projects by going to our course blog at

Our 2017 poster

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