Protein Portraits 2012

Our projects are on display in the Honors College Lounge (Strand Agricultural Hall Room 032).  We’ll keep most of them up through at least part of Finals Week (until about June 13 or 14).  Come take a look and fill-out a ballot to vote for your favorites:

Lizzy’s circadian protein boomerang

Taylor’s EMILIN flubber

Becca’s ocean luciferase

Justin’s dynein puppet

Madison’s tobacco mosaic virus bead roller coaster

Taylor’s “Punny” protein apparel

Joanna’s Do-It-Yourself protein

Megan’s ATP synthase merry-go-round

Kristi’s protein jigsaw puzzle

Tori’s BMAL2 night lamp

Younghee’s viral origami

Arlyn’s delicious AMP-activated protein kinase

Phil McFadden

Phil McFadden

Department of  Biochemistry and Biophysics, Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR 97331

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