Linus Pauling

Getting together with the master modeler

Though the opportunity may vary from year to year, we always try to go on a field trip to the 5th floor of the Valley Library to tour the lifelong collections of Linus Pauling, OSU’s great alumnus. In addition to all of Pauling’s many letters and publications and other correspondence, the library holds on display his collection of molecular models and related items he used to answer the question “what does a protein look like?”   The floor is a one-of-a-kind resource that gives one the personal experience of entering the lab, office and art studio of a bonafide historical master.   Pauling spun his art, science and communication skills to great heights.

The Valley Library also offers a wonderful online page with many links to the collections.  Go to Linus Pauling and the Structure of Proteins.


Showing the alpha helix

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