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  1. Phil says:

    Thanks Michael. You are the second success story. A couple of days ago, Matt was able to leave a post on the front page.

    As for the rest of you guys, a few have tried and not succeeded, and so there are definitely some remaining difficulties. But when you try to leave a post (and thanks for trying), please do so under the “Student posts” heading.

  2. Phil says:

    I hope all of you guys will come together at this point.

    This is where I have hoped to bring together the artistic creative talents of all of you colloquium Honors College students.

    And we were interrupted in the first weeks of our course because of unexplainable technologies… but, I think, if you are willing, can you submit an idea about “creativity”? I think we have the technology figured out, and we thank “Nick at Central Web Services” for being the guru who finally stuck his masterful finger into the mix and enrolled my students in the course they had enrolled in as paying members of the college.

    Thank you Nick.

    But I’m seriously interested in and steering you toward one important point: Creativity, spelled with a capital “C”. Who in our class will be the student who creates a new way of looking at proteins? The new look may change the course of scientific history. You have the power to influence how the “future” thinks about “proteins”. So feel free. Be creative.

    Can you guys cook up new themes and artistic representations that make everyone else, for the next twenty years, say, “yeah, I remember the first protein like that. It was an amazing representation, and it affected all of my future representations of … proteins … proteins … we are built of proteins … proteins are assemblies … and how do we draw these important things, these assemblies that underlie life …?”

    You guys are in the honors college. Please create. I will advance you creations, if they are really superior. So far, in my teaching, the one protein portrait that is likely to have staying power (and I only mean this as incentive, I’m raising the bar for you guys) is the structure shown here, because it so wonderfully tied in the function of bones and the structure of bones, in a single sculpture:

  3. changi says:

    I think this is working properly; I can finally post a post about a post.

  4. Phil says:

    I like it: a “post about a post”. And so that makes this “a post about a post about a post”. Or in abbreviated form, a post cubed!

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