It works!

Just testing 🙂

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  1. Phil says:

    Glad you are on board! Sorry it has taken so long. But let’s jump to the main question. Do you have in mind a protein that interests you?

    We can explore this question in two directions:

    — Do you have a structure that interests you?

    — Or do you have a function that interests you?

    Be very broad in either direction. Think like an artist either way. Do you like big things or small things? That might be the answer to the first question.

    Do you like active things or passive things? That might be the answer to the second question.

    — And here’s a third direction, because there is always a third direction! Do you prefer to spin the dial and let random chance direct your future? Artistically, if you say yes here, I would recommend going to the PDB Molecule of the Month and choosing a random month. The months are all interesting. You may find a future loving interest in those molecule-of-the-month archives 🙂

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