Technology Policy

University: The use of technological tools during MAT course time is determined by the
Instructor. Teacher candidates are to utilize electronics for learning purposes in the classroom as
specified during instruction or lecture. In accordance with professional expectations, teacher
candidates are prohibited from checking email, texting or Facebook posting during class time.
Adherence to this policy is essential to your learning and the learning of your cohort members!


Clinical School Placement: The use of personal computers is limited to necessary
documentation or observation/reflection while in the placement the teacher candidate will NOT
complete homework while in the classroom. Teacher candidates will observe the same
professional behavior whether in the schoolhouse or university classroom. TCs will NOT
conduct personal business via cell phone or computer during placement hours. Remember, you
are a model for your future students.


Online: Due to the ever increasing number of court/civil cases involving inappropriate use of
material posted to the web, it is STRONGLY suggested that teacher candidates refrain from
social networking during the course of this program. The posting of pictures of classmates,
placement settings and details of placement assignments is prohibited without the written consent
of those concerned and may be considered grounds for dismissal from the MAT program.
Teacher candidates are encouraged to refer to materials provided in ethics and civil rights
courses for precedents concerning “netiquette” and the educational setting.


Check-out of MAT Technology Tools

Teacher candidates enrolled in the MAT program have access to audio and video recording tools,
tripods and microphones to aid in the completion of lesson observations, the compilation of
video for the EdTPA and professional portfolio. In addition, some TCs placed in classrooms
using iPads solely for instruction may be granted the opportunity to check out an iPad for
teaching purposes during the academic terms needed. More information will be shared with TCs
as it becomes available.

Technology is checked out through a staff or faculty member for a designated time
period so as to allow all teacher candidates the opportunity for use.

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