Any school days missed because of an emergency or illness must be reported to the Cooperating
Teacher and University Supervisor before 7:00 a.m. on the day of the absence or at a time set in
advance by the Cooperating Teacher. The manner of how the teacher candidate “reports” the
absence to the Cooperating Teacher should be agreed on before the student teaching placement
begins. Teacher candidates are not responsible for calling for a substitute teacher but they are
responsible for contacting their Cooperating Teacher to inform the Cooperating Teacher of their
absence. Absences and a short reason must be logged on the Monthly Log of Hours Form (ex:
illness, job fair, job interview, family emergency, etc).

Teacher candidates have a bank of excused absences to draw from for sick leave, emergency
leave, or job search leave. These days are not for personal leave.

This leave should not exceed:

4 days during the Fall term part-time placement (~16 hours)

4 days during the Winter term placement (~16 hours)

4 days during the Spring term full-time placement (~32 hours)
Note: All references to Fall, Winter, or Spring terms refer to University terms

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