Academic Standards, Program of Study Requirement, Retention Policy

Academic Standards

A grade-point average of 3.00 (a “B” average) is required: 1) for all courses taken as a
degree-seeking graduate student, and 2) for courses included in the graduate degree or graduate
certificate program of study. Grades below “C” (2.00) cannot be used on a graduate program of
study. A grade-point average of 3.00 is required before the final oral or written exam may be
undertaken. In addition, students must earn a grade of “B” or better in ED 510 (Internship &
Seminar) to have the course count toward licensure and degree completion. In addition, course
outlines may define academic performance necessary for continuation in the program. The
academic standards as outlined in the benchmarks and course syllabi must be met in order to


Program of Study Requirement

During fall term you will need to complete a Program of Study form. During spring term, you
will complete an audit of your coursework and the Program of Study by comparing it to your
transcripts, in anticipation of scheduling your oral examination for graduation in Spring/Summer.


Retention Policy

Student retention in the Professional Teacher Education Program is based upon the academic and
professional judgment of the university faculty responsible for the evaluation of the student’s
academic and student teaching performance. Throughout each term, faculty members and
student teaching supervisors meet to evaluate each student’s progress in academic work and
student teaching effectiveness. Those students assessed as having difficulty will receive
feedback concerning their progress from their advisor and other appropriate university faculty.
The faculty considers not only academic abilities and skill performance when making retention
decisions about students, but also professional dispositions such as maturity, judgment,
emotional stability, sensitivity to others and whether or not the student exhibits appropriate
professional conduct. The teacher education faculty has developed this Retention Policy based
upon continuous evaluations of students in the Professional Teacher Education Program by
university faculty and staff, and by public-school Cooperating Teachers and administrators.
Students are evaluated on the benchmarks established by each program and on their ability to
successfully plan for instruction; establish a classroom climate conducive to learning; exhibit
professional behaviors, ethics and values; evaluate student progress; and on their ability to
engage students in planned learning activities.

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