Fall Part-Time Placement

During the Fall part-time placement, Teacher candidates will work with their Cooperating
Teacher by observing them or other teachers, assist/coteaching with small groups of students or
the whole class, and attending meetings, culminating at completion of the Formative edTPA.

____ Work with your Cooperating Teacher to establish introductions with parents/guardians of students
in classroom. Observe parent conferences, if possible.

____ Submit a Log of Hours for each month, within one week of the month’s end.

____ Work with your Cooperating Teacher to prepare classroom environment for students, establish
assessment and management plans

____ Attend orientation activities, onsite seminars, and school staff meetings.

____ Talk to your Cooperating Teacher about special needs students in your classroom. Review student
files and attend IEP meetings if possible.

____ Talk to your Cooperating Teacher about how she/he plans curriculum for the year.

____ Establish collaborative relationships with your Cooperating Teacher and all colleagues at school

____ Maintain a standard of professional ethics demonstrated through words and actions, and maintain
professional relationships with faculty and staff .

____ Engage yourself immediately in regular classroom activities.

____ Establish a relationship with your Faculty Advisor at the beginning of the program. Meet with
your Advisor at least once each term.

____ Apply knowledge of lesson plan design to the teaching of lessons in small and large group

____ Establish a topic and timeline with your Cooperating Teacher for your Formative edTPA, and
begin to gather resources based on longterm
curriculum plans of your Cooperating Teacher.

____ Ask your Cooperating Teacher to observe you informally while you teach and provide feedback on
your teaching. Discuss the format/model for the Formal Observation Process with your University
Supervisor and Cooperating Teacher well in advance of your first Formal Observation.

____ Collect a student roster and edTPA release forms (for every placement). Scan the class roster and
all release forms and upload them to taskstream.

____ Schedule:
□ 3 Formal Lesson Observations with your Cooperating Teacher
□ 3 Formal Lesson Observations with your University Supervisor
□ Team Evaluation meeting

____ Make sure that you have all documentation on Taskstream: Formal Observation forms (6 sets total
3 each for Mentor and University Supervisor) and the Team Evaluation.

____ Teach and complete formal write-up of your Formative edTPA.

____ Complete the Evaluation of the Cooperating Teacher form and Evaluation of University
Supervisor form within one week of the conclusion of your fall parttime

____ Ask your Cooperating Teacher for a letter of recommendation. It is recommended that you ask the
Principal to observe you and provide you with an evaluation and a letter, if appropriate.

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