OSU Cascades & OSU College of Education Vision Statements

OSU-Cascades Vision Statement

The guiding vision of OSUCascades is to contribute significantly to intellectual, cultural,
ecological, social and economic vitality. To achieve that goal, the OSU-Cascades community
will strive to model principles and practices of a thriving, equitable and sustainable society. A
culture of learning and exploration provides significant rewards to its members; those rewards
are best achieved when all community members (faculty, staff, administrators, students and
Board of Advisors) strive to honor the following principles:
1. Respect the dignity and uniqueness of individuals. This principle applies to a diversity of
cultures, belief systems, academic ranks and academic/ professional disciplines.
2. Aspire to excellence and integrity in every endeavor.
3. Consider current and future generations in every deliberation.
4. Demonstrate leadership in service to community.

OSU College of Education Vision Statement 

The College of Education is an international leader in innovative research and the preparation of
scholars and lifelong learning leaders in two signature areas critical to an increasingly complex
and global society: science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) and cultural and
linguistic diversity. Through our research and professional preparation, we contribute to the
development of a literate citizenry prepared to be engaged, reflective, creative, and caring
members of their communities, as well as the world. For more information see the OSU Strategic
Plan, linked here:

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