Testing Requirements, Taskstream, TSPC Licensure Process

Testing Requirements

If you haven’t directly submitted the score reports to our admissions advisor, then you need to
provide ORIGINAL SCORE REPORTS reflecting passing test results to the MAT Licensure
Coordinator, Donna Harris, for the ORELA Civil Rights exam and the NES content exam(s).
These score reports will also be uploaded to Taskstream, as part of your teacher licensure

The due date for all required tests is June 1st, 2016, prior to program admission.



Teacher candidates will create an account with Taskstream, the database management system
which will house all the necessary documentation for licensure. There is a fee for the creation of
your account that will be explained to you in further detail at the MAT orientation in July. You
will be given clear instruction on how to use Taskstream in your Technology Tools for Teachers
course. There are also a series of Taskstream tutorials located on the MAT Canvas Site,
including a tutorial explaining how to set up your Taskstream account.

Subscription Cost for Taskstream • Pricing structure for all candidates
o 1 year $42
o 2 years $69
o 3 years $91
o 4 years $105

Subscribe no sooner than July 1 st to ensure that you will have access for the duration of your
program. Two-year track teacher candidates will need to sign up for the two year subscription.


TSPC Licensure Process

Recommendation for Preliminary License

Upon successful completion of this program and all licensure and testing requirements, teacher
candidates will be recommended for an Oregon Preliminary Teaching License. Licensure will
not be recommended if any requirements are incomplete or outstanding from any term during
the entire program. There is a $150 fee to TSPC for processing your C1 application for
licensure. This typically occurs during spring term of your graduating year, even if you are
adding an ESOL endorsement. You will also need to submit to Donna Harris, a $100 check made
out to OSU. This fee is required by OSU in order to process licensure paperwork such as the C2
Licensure Recommendation to Teacher Standards and Practices Commission and/or out-of-state
Institutional Recommendation Forms. The OSU Service Fee covers any licensure requests
made within 90 days of payment of the fee. This includes any and all out-of-state
recommendations. Any subsequent requests after that 90 day time period will require another
payment of $100.

Fee structures are accurate as of June 2016. These fees and amounts are subject to change. All
questions regarding recommendation for licensure should be directed to Donna Harris.

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