Week 7 Blog Post

I had a short trip to Shanghai this week, and when I got home, I had one composition and only one day left. It is an image drawing job from CS450. I need to use a shader on an object to color the object and animate the color of the fragment on the object. I think this is a very simple project, so I put it after the trip. However, it took me two days and one late-day to solve this project. The difficulty of the project is to put the color block on the target object. I need to calculate the accurate vector unit and move it at a certain speed and direction. These are not the most time-consuming places. I spent a lot of time learning how to use shaders on OpenGL. Since there is a 16-hour time difference between my local time and American time, I usually go to school in the early hours of the morning. If I want to have a class during the day, I also need to turn on the computer in the early morning and record the teacher’s live broadcast of the class. However, I did not do this week. This leads to me being ignorant of the way the shader in OpenGL is used. The teacher only provided the lesson plans in the course, and I couldn’t complete this assignment through the lesson plans in the course, so I looked for some courses on the domestic website. I unexpectedly discovered that these online courses have some connections with the school courses. It took me one day to study the courses in two days to complete the project. I completed this project in accordance with the teaching of the online course. I added the code provided by him to my original program, and I modified the program and movement method in his code according to my own ideas. I often wonder who invented these basic code frameworks. If I want to use these codes, how can I avoid plagiarism? I discovered this problem in the class of algorithm analysis. The structure of all algorithms is the same. The difference lies in the location and access parameters of these algorithms in the program. In order to find the best algorithm, I will study online every time before doing a project. I think the study of computer science means a continuous improvement on the basis of the predecessors.

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