Week 6 bolg

My mini-game project encountered another problem this week. When we were happy to make the teaching level, our person in charge told us that the time for the project was running out. Five weeks later, on December 20th, we need to submit our project. He believes that we did not have a project periodical table when we made the project. The role of the project periodic table is to help the project team promote the development of the project. On November 9th, we will submit the first official level of the game, and we have calculated one teaching level and two official levels. The development of game programs only takes one day, but it takes a lot of time to make game art materials. At the beginning of the project, we did not consider the workload other than the procedures at all. Except for the week of project defense, we only have four weeks to complete the game project. To make up for our lack of a project cycle before, I plan to let the planners in the team help the art group and music group find materials.
When formulating the project cycle table, the team used Trello to help us better formulate the project. Since the development team is in China, China’s Internet is not open to the outside world. When Trello was also available in China, we chose it without hesitation. Its main function is to help the project team to formulate a project list, in which the estimated completion time can be set on each list. Everyone in the project team can share the lists in Trello and modify them. Before using Trello, I used the word to record the development progress of our project. Although the word is a very simple document tool, it cannot make visual images. The flowchart in Trello can help us better observe the progress of the project.

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