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My minigame made great progress this week. We used Unity to successfully implement the game’s teaching levels according to the level designer’s plan. Since one partner of our project team withdrew last week, we changed from nine to eight. Among them, the project team has only two developers and one artist. As a project manager of a game project, I often think about the progress of the project. How should we promote the progress of the project? We have four-game planners, each of them has a different level of design, but our project time is very limited. Programmers and artists do not have so much time to experiment with game development. So I asked the programmer to develop a teaching level based on the idea of ​​the game master planner. This teaching level only includes the core gameplay and operation interface of the game. I want to let my team know whether this idea is what everyone expects. When the demonstration of the teaching level was played during our meeting, everyone was very excited. Although the content of the game is very monotonous, and the art materials of the game are also free materials from the Internet, this game resonated with us.
After the teaching level was made, everyone in the project team had a clear goal. The artist is also very clear about the art style of the game. Our four-game level planners also launched the subsequent game planning, and the programmer was responsible for adding new art materials to the game scene. As the project manager of this game, I am extremely proud of my team to see my teammates working so actively. The final delivery time of the project is seven weeks later, and we will use two weeks to design the game levels. In the future, we plan to continue to iterate the game version. New elements, new styles, and new gameplay will be added to the game. This is my first game project, and I am full of expectations for the final result of this game project.

Minigame First Demo
Game Design
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