Week 4 blog

This week, my teammates and I discussed the needs of the project. We discussed from four different perspectives. The first is the development needs of the project. The development language and development platform used by the project should be unified. We think that the combination of Unity and C# is very suitable for beginners like us. In terms of gameplay requirements, we put forward different requirements for different systems. Because we designed a music rhythm game, the use of music system is very important for the game. The project needs to make the music and the rhythm of the game perfectly match. In order to allow players to have a better gaming experience, we decided to add a vibration function to the gaming operating system. The addition of the vibration function requires a connection between the game itself and the game device. In order to make the game better, we have put forward requirements for the identity of the trial player. The project will draw different trial players for adjustment. The game will be changed based on feedback from their gaming experience. So at the end of the project, we think testing is very important, and a good game needs constant testing. Although the optimization of the game requires long-term improvement, the test cannot be interrupted.

For my own game project, we are currently facing the problem of lack of personnel. Our game planner will withdraw from this project due to academic problems. Although we are a group of nine people, we need more level planning, numerical planning and system planning. He is a very professional game planner, and our next step is to take over his work. I think I might encounter this problem in the future. When working, it is inevitable to encounter unexpected situations. I think how to deal with this situation is very important. After all, plans will never keep up with changes. What we need is the ability to face up at any time. For programmers, this ability can also be applied to code, and code errors may occur at any time. What the programmer needs to do is to minimize the errors and optimize the code.

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