Hello Everyone!

PiDan(left) and MaoDan(right)


  1. Simple introducation about me

    I am a junior from China. My major is computer science, my focus area is simulation and game programming. I have two cats at the ShangHai of china, their names are PiDan and MaoDan. When I was very young, I liked playing online games very much, so I wanted to create an irreplaceable game world by myself. I currently work with my team at Tencent to make a 2.5D decryption game. I think the C language is the best in the world. My favorite project is game development. Game development involves many different fields. A complete game requires planners, developers, musicians, and artists. I like to develop a small game of my own independently. In the process of making the game, I can add my thinking and content to the game. My current interest is to participate in different Game Jam and minigame competitions. I am an otaku, so I haven’t been out too many places in OSU. I go to school and write code at home every day. My hobby is raising cats besides playing games. The two cats in the picture live with me. They are a puppet cat and a British shorthair cat. They usually like to lie on my computer desk and watch me write code.

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