Week 3 blog.

This week I wrote a problem statement for my VR rhythm game. I think the material and model of the game can help the developers complete the development progress better. Since the game plan does not clearly indicate the game’s art style and system interface, I think we should first solve the problem of game materials and models. My professor told me that what I should raise is about the general problems the system should solve, not the lack of details and art materials. I think this passage of his is of great help to me. I think the purpose of making games is to get the recognition of the players and let the players feel the fun in the game. I revised my problem statement. I started thinking about the problem in the game itself. I think rhythmic games should add more percussion. This is a technology that other VR rhythm games do not have. The interface of the game is set on a battlefield, where players use drums to destroy enemy attacks.

To allow players to experience more blows in VR games, I found that this function can be achieved through the handle sensor. The handle sensor can provide vibrations of different frequencies and amplitudes. Before I came into contact with this project, I had no experience in VR games. I think that the survey of the sensor can help me to promote the progress of the project. When a project starts, what we need to define is the core gameplay. The gameplay that uses vibration to enhance the sense of shock is not available in VR games. In my previous project, I only need to consider the system that the game is running on when making a game, such as windows, mac, ios, android. The external device of the VR game can make the gameplay more experience, this project is for me That is a big improvement.

When I develop games, I always think about a question, if my gameplay is similar to other games. So does my game copy someone else’s game? The core gameplay of most games on the market is similar, and their difference lies in the expression of the game background and the game format. The core gameplay of traditional music rhythm games is still to destroy objects or buttons through rhythm. My thoughts on rhythm games are similar to them. How to innovate music gameplay, this problem has been bothering me.

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